MMO to recruit ten general members to regional IFCAs across the UK

These voluntary roles require candidates who can take a balanced approach to caring for our seas, assessing the priority and importance of all users and stakeholders. It is essential that candidates have a good local knowledge of the IFCA area for which they are applying. The members of the IFCA contribute their knowledge and experience to provide sustainable management of the inshore marine area of their IFCA district.

We are seeking to appoint hands-on individuals with good communication skills and an ability to circulate IFCA regulations, policies, and guidance through their network of contacts to serve as a member.

These are exciting opportunities for people with experience and a passion for their inshore marine area to play a major part in shaping how their local area is managed. If you want to make a positive difference and help balance economic, social, and environmental needs, we would be pleased to hear from you.

We seek to achieve a balanced membership across various interest groups, including those with commercial, recreational, and environmental interests. To assist in maintaining this balance the MMO seek to appoint the following.

Northumberland IFCA

Three new general members are required who are willing to support NIFCA and positively embrace the challenges that new legislation and fishing plans will bring. Applications are welcome from all sectors but we especially welcome applications from those in the commercial and recreational fishing communities.

North Eastern IFCA

Require two general members and invite applications from all sectors but particularly encourage applications from commercial fishing operators with experience in working both static and mobile fishing gears on inshore grounds.

Kent & Essex IFCA

Welcome applications from anyone with a willingness to engage with the IFCA in their work in undertaking the management of fisheries within their district. In particular we would encourage applications from the recreational angling sector and active commercial fishermen.

Cornwall IFCA

Welcome applications from all sectors but to reflect the balance and needs of the IFCA would particularly welcome applicants with experience and knowledge of the recreational fishing and marine environment sector.

Southern IFCA

Welcomes applications from candidates with a scientific background within the marine environment and working knowledge of the IFCA district..

Sussex IFCA

Has a vacancy for a general member and welcomes applications from all sectors but particularly encourage applications from those with experience and knowledge of the commercial fishing sector.