Mixed Reactions to Spotify’s Acquisition and Closure of Heardle

Mixed Reactions to Spotify’s Acquisition and Closure of Heardle

...By Henry George for TDPel Media.

Spotify has announced that it will be dropping Heardle – the popular name-that-tune game inspired by Wordle.


Last July, the streaming giant had acquired the game, five months after it took the world by storm.

The game played small snippets of music and challenged gamers to guess the song as quickly as possible.

However, in a recent statement, Spotify said that it has decided to say goodbye to Heardle after careful consideration.

Spotify had hoped that the game would help users discover new music, but it has now confirmed that it plans to focus on other features.

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It is unclear whether Heardle will continue to exist elsewhere, and it is currently due to close on 5 May.

Like Wordle, the game has become a daily habit for many music aficionados.


Unclear Origins of Heardle

It is unclear who invented Heardle, but according to Vanity Fair, he is a “London-based web and app designer.”

Spotify’s acquisition of Heardle had not gone down well with some fans last year, who complained that they could no longer access the game.

Others were upset because their scores had not been transferred over to Spotify, meaning they lost all of their gaming statistics.


Spotify’s decision to drop Heardle is surprising, given the popularity of the name-that-tune game.

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However, it is not entirely unexpected, given Spotify’s focus on other features.

The game had become a daily ritual for many music lovers and had been a fun way for users to discover new songs.


It is uncertain whether the game will exist elsewhere, but it’s closure on 5 May will undoubtedly leave a gap in many users’ daily routines.

The origins of Heardle remain unclear, which adds to the game’s mystique.

However, the acquisition of the game by Spotify had been met with mixed reactions from fans.

Some had complained about the lack of access to the game, while others were upset about losing their scores.

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Regardless of its fate, Heardle has left its mark on the music streaming world and will be remembered fondly by those who enjoyed playing it.


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