Mixed Reactions Over Tiwa Savage’s Sex Video

Some fans and social media influencers have condemned a yet-to-be-identified blackmailer for reportedly demanding money from the award-winning songstress, Tiwa Savage, after he obtained a sex video of her and her boyfriend on a social media platform known as Snapchat.

In a series of tweets and comments on Instagram, many had also encouraged the singer to release the sex tape herself in order to call off the bluff of her blackmailer.

Although some of her close friends and colleagues have kept mute about the yet-to-be-released sex video, however, actress Sonia Ogriri stated that Savage’s overall disposition to the issue was not acceptable because many young girls looked up to her.

Sonia Ogiri wrote on her IG page, “Dear young girls, please choose wisely your path. Dear @tiwasavage we love you, your songs and supported you all these years but this is unacceptable behaviour from you. So many young girls looking up to you, seeing this story and how you defending your act as “Natural “ isn’t OKAY, darling. Please don’t worry about your fans, worry about yourself and your son for tomorrow’s sake.

“Dear women, please desist from sex recording either with a boyfriend or even husband; anything can happen tomorrow and it might be used against your interest. For those of you that will call me clout chasing, I hope you see beyond clout because it won’t put more dollars in my account or put my son in a better school than the best he is now.”

Some fans proceeded to come after Sonia Ogiri, here are some comments:

@Daddyfreeze wrote, Sonia, how dare you attack Tiwa, a woman at her point of pain and then proceed to judge her?? Apologize, before this clout you are chasing ends badly. Like I said earlier, you can’t use an expensive wig to cover an empty head.

@ben wrote, “Who made the video or how did it come about? My instinct tells me it’s either some kind of a publicity stunt or I suggest she looks within her circle for the culprit. These people will do anything to stay in the headlines. They never get enough of it.

@ WeeFree ben wrote, “You definitely saw through them. They can’t record by mistake and then post to the public by mistake too, it’s all a publicity stunt. I can’t even imagine why anyone will be interested in seeing her aged and over trafficked body without all these advertisements by her.

@So oju abe niko  Amin wrote, “All it takes is seconds. people follow people, and some quickly notice new updates in seconds, before the idiot who mistakenly posted it even realised it. The problem is making the video in the first place. When you allow people to make sex videos of you, it is bound to leak sooner or later, after she breaks up with the fellow. In this case, I personally don’t believe the boyfriend did this willfully. So mistakes can happen truly, but the only way to avoid that costly error is not to make sex videos to start. Tiwa at this stage of her career should not be allowing any partner to make intimate videos of her.

@DrOlufunmilayo on his pat tweeted, “Not many know this, but last year, someone threatened Queen Salawa Abeni with nude pictures
and she posted it herself. A few years ago, someone threatened Sia and she posted it herself. Tiwa Savage has been threatened. I’m not giving any advice but there are two examples up there.”

@MrOdanz also tweeted, “Someone once threatened to release nude pictures of Sia unless she pays him and she decided to release the nude pictures herself. Tiwa Savage should do the needful. On a serious note, you can’t pay off blackmailers. They’d always come for more. Besides, what’s the big deal about her sex tape tho? Kim Kardashian had an entire series of her sex tape out there since 10 years ago or so and she’s breathing just fine. Release the damn thing.”

@VictorIsrael_ tweeted, “Tiwa savage shouldn’t allow anybody blackmail her with her sex tape. She should just take some part of the clip and put it inside ‘Somebody’s son’ Video. The music video goes viral, she makes more money, the other idiot goes home with nothing.”

This is coming after the “Somebody’s Son” singer granted an interview with American On-air personality, Angie Martinez,  on Power 105.1, narrating how her road manager informed her that her sex video was in the hands of the blackmailer.

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