Mike Francesa criticizes Odell Beckham as a “spoiled child” for the plane incident

Mike Francesa criticizes Odell Beckham as a “spoiled child” for the plane incident

Mike Francesa engages in a rematch with Odell Beckham Jr.

The Sports Pope has long been interested in the former Giants wide receiver, and the tale continued when a BetRivers podcast listener inquired about the flight incident.

In November, Beckham Jr. was removed from a plane after the flight crew reported that he was “in and out of consciousness” and refused to wear a seatbelt. This week, Miami police released a video in which he appeared indifferent to the fact that all other passengers had to deplane because of him and lashed out at a man who confronted him about the incident, calling him ugly and referencing his weight by telling him to eat a cheeseboard during the flight.

Thursday on Twitter, Beckham Jr. said he knows who he is and implied the video was manipulated deliberately.

This week, police revealed bodycam footage of Odell Beckham Jr.’s plance incident.

Francesa criticized the Giants for failing to curb Beckham Jr.’s actions when he was younger.

“Since the day he joined the Giants, I’ve gone in circles with Beckham,” Francesa said. “I went in circles with Shockey. I was correct in my assessment of him. I fault the Giants for not disciplining him upon his arrival.

“The Giants were thrilled with Shockey’s ability and gave him free reign. They became fascinated with Beckham’s ability and allowed him to run rampant. Beckham has been the subject of excuses for decades. I received considerable criticism for how I treated Beckham. I received fire from Beckham. I was criticized by Beckham’s relatives. I was criticized by the Giants. I received flak from everyone.”

Mike Francesa called Odell Beckham Jr. a “spoiled child” after video of the free agency wide receiver being thrown off a flight was leaked.

Beckham Jr. remains a free agent after tearing his ACL in early 2022 during the Rams’ Super Bowl triumph.

Francesa referred to Beckham Jr. as a “spoiled child” and was relieved that the Giants did not sign him for the stretch run and playoffs.

“You realize what? “Part of being great is recognizing that you must make commitments and be a team player,” stated Francesa. “Beckham is really a pampered child, and this trait continues to manifest itself. I could not believe that any team even considered [signing him]. Ignore the plane catastrophe, which is already disastrous. It was deplorable. What if he went to teams and asked them to sign him, but he did not perform well for them? When will you have enough of this guy? I give up. I wouldn’t approach the man. You can win without his assistance.

“And the Giants are far better off without him. They would have been upset if he had participated in this playoff game, as he is a self-centered youth who has yet to find his place. And others assisted him! Rather of someone placing him on the right road at the right moment, he needs to find the right coach or person to put him in the right spot. There were coaches who would have saved that wonderful career if given the opportunity. Instead, this career will never reach its full potential. It never ceases. Was I thus startled by what I observed? No. It disgusted me, but it did not surprise me.”


»Mike Francesa criticizes Odell Beckham as a “spoiled child” for the plane incident«

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