Micah Stock claims Mallori Johnson is ‘like a sister to me.’

Micah Stock claims Mallori Johnson is ‘like a sister to me.’

Micah Stock, nominated for a Tony Award for “It’s Only a Play,” is having a moment with his breakout performance in the long-awaited version of “Kindred.”

The FX series, which premieres on December 13 and is available exclusively on Hulu, is based on Octavia Butler’s 1979 Hugo-winning science fiction novel. Dana (Mallori Johnson), a contemporary black writer, suddenly time-travels from her Los Angeles home to a pre-Civil War plantation in 1815 where her family are living. The plantation is overseen by Thomas Weylin (Ryan Kwanten, “True Blood”); her white love interest Kevin (Stock) is also swept up in the century-spanning voyage and travels back in time with Dana, where he struggles with what he sees.

Stock, 33, told The Post, “I was drawn to Kevin because I enjoy characters and people who operate in a gray area, where it’s uncertain if they’ll succeed with the hand they’ve been dealt.”

He said that Butler, who passed away in 2006, always desired that her works be adapted for the big screen. “Unfortunately, she did not get to witness that throughout her lifetime. “However, I was aware with ‘Kindred’ in a broader cultural context before to reading the novel,” he stated. “There was a reason why it had staying power and a voice for decades. There are numerous folks who have waited a long time to see this. More than the burden of “Will it be correct, will it be an exact adaptation?” I believe [showrunner Branden Jacobs-Jenkins] took the essence and structure of Octavia’s novel and adapted it for a different media.”

In the novel, “current day” takes place in the 1970s, although in the television adaptation, the 1970s serve as “present day.” In the series, the year 2016 has passed, and Kevin’s role has also grown. In the novel, he was Dana’s husband; but, in the film, he and Dana are just starting to know each other, giving their relationship more room to develop.

“Kevin is a central character in the book, but due to the nature of television, we get to spend more time with everyone,” Stock explained. Therefore, in this adaptation, we witness things that only Dana saw in the book. Now we have two points of view… And I got along swimmingly with Mallori. I care greatly about her, and she has become like a sister to me.

Stock has appeared in several programs, including “Escape at Dannemora” on Showtime, but this is his most significant screen role to date. In 2014, he starred opposite Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick in “It’s Only a Play,” for which he received the sole Tony nomination.

“[‘Kindred’] was similar to an off-off Broadway production, but on a far grander scale,” he explained. “Many of us have met while traversing the downtown theater scene.” The manner in which a theatrical actor plays and communicates is highly distinct, and there is a type of shared language. All of us in the cast have at least some theater experience, so it was a lot of fun, and it also gave us a certain amount of caution when exploring sensitive topics.

“The story is an adventure at its core,” he remarked. “I believe that all of the most exciting adventures come from inner turmoil. One of the unique aspects of ‘Kindred’ and one of the reasons why it has had such a lasting impact is that it is essentially the inside journey pushed forth. I believe that those who sign on for the journey will be thrilled to discover that not only is it enjoyable, but that, as with any true adventure, they will also discover the inner workings of the human spirit.”


»Micah Stock claims Mallori Johnson is ‘like a sister to me.’«

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