Micah Richards Suffers Another Wardrobe Malfunction on CBS Sports Panel

Micah Richards Suffers Another Wardrobe Malfunction on CBS Sports Panel

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

Micah Richards, a former professional football player, has experienced his second wardrobe malfunction in a week while returning to the CBS Sports panel.


During the previous week’s Champions League coverage, Richards had been teased for his nickname ‘Big Cheeks’ and was joked about potentially signing an underwear deal after a clip of him in tight boxers was shown on-air.

This time, Richards was caught out when host Kate Abdo noticed that he had left the label on his new shoes.

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Although Richards was spared the embarrassment of having his bum shown on-air again, the incident caused a studio-wide laughter, with Jamie Carragher joking that Richards’ shoes were “probably more expensive than his haircut.”

Subsequently, Richards’ expensive haircuts were brought up again, reminding viewers that earlier this year he had confessed to spending £200 on each of his haircuts, which he gets three times a week, resulting in a staggering annual outlay of £31,000.

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Richards’ wardrobe malfunction involving his bum was also a topic of discussion, with Abdo referencing it in her intro to the show.

When Richards thought Abdo was going easy on him, she then mentioned his previous wardrobe malfunction.


The incident is another example of Richards’ frequent wardrobe malfunctions, which have led to him being teased on-air.

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Although Richards takes these incidents in good spirits, it is clear that they are embarrassing for him.

The incident also highlights the importance of checking one’s attire before going on-air, as even small oversights can lead to embarrassment on a global scale.


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