Meta Introduces Verified Subscription Service for Facebook and Instagram Users

Meta Introduces Verified Subscription Service for Facebook and Instagram Users

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

Meta Verified Offers Enhanced Account Authentication and Protection

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has launched Meta Verified, a subscription service that provides users with account verification and additional safeguards against impersonation.


This offering can be compared to Twitter Blue, which offers users a blue tick verification badge for a monthly fee starting at £9.99.

Requirements and Benefits of Meta Verified

To subscribe to Meta Verified, users must be at least 18 years old and submit an official government ID for authentication. Subscribers will receive a verified badge on their account, signifying their authenticity.

Meta will actively monitor subscribed accounts to identify and address potential impersonators. The service aims to provide users with more protection against identity theft.

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Pricing and Availability

Meta Verified will be rolled out in the UK gradually over the next few weeks. The subscription fee for the web service is set at £9.99, while iOS and Android phone users can access it for £11.99.

Users who have expressed interest in Meta Verified will receive notifications when the service becomes available to them.

The Rise of Verified Subscription Services

Meta’s introduction of a verified subscription service follows a growing trend in social media platforms. Similar to Twitter’s blue tick verification, Meta Verified offers users a way to confirm their identity and gain additional features and protections.


By charging a monthly fee, social media platforms can generate revenue while providing users with the benefits of verification.

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The Importance of Account Verification and Protection

Impersonation and identity theft are persistent concerns on social media platforms. Account verification is crucial in establishing trust and ensuring that high-profile individuals and creators are recognized as authentic.

With proactive monitoring and measures against impersonators, Meta aims to enhance user security and protect individuals with growing online audiences.

Subscription Services and Evolving Business Models

The introduction of subscription services by major social media platforms reflects the evolving nature of their business models. By offering exclusive features and enhanced account protection, platforms can attract users willing to pay for premium services.

This approach diversifies revenue streams and reduces reliance on advertising as the primary income source.

Continued Evolution and Feedback-Driven Development

Meta’s decision to launch Meta Verified in different countries in stages highlights its commitment to gathering user feedback and improving the service based on insights from different markets.

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This iterative approach allows Meta to refine the offering and address any concerns or issues raised during the initial testing phases.


Meta’s introduction of the Meta Verified subscription service underscores the importance of account verification and protection on social media platforms.


By providing users with a verified badge and proactive monitoring against impersonators, Meta aims to enhance user security and authenticity.

As the landscape of social media platforms continues to evolve, subscription-based models offer new opportunities for revenue generation and user engagement.

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