Merseyside Police Plan Extensive Security Operation for 2023 Eurovision Song Contest

Merseyside Police Plan Extensive Security Operation for 2023 Eurovision Song Contest

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Merseyside Police is preparing an extensive security operation involving 5,500 police officers over 11 days during the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest.


With the current terror alert level in the UK at ‘substantial’, signifying the likelihood of a terrorist attack, a precise security plan must be in place for the global event.

Specially trained officers, intelligence services, Counter Terrorism Policing, and CCTV operators will work together to ensure safety.

The public is urged to report suspicious activity during the contest.

The event is being hosted on behalf of Ukraine, a country currently at war, which has led to additional security considerations.

The Largest Protective Security Operation in Merseyside Police’s History

Merseyside Police’s Chief Inspector Iain Wykie stated that this is the largest protective security operation ever undertaken by the force.


By reporting suspicious activity and unusual behavior to the police, the public can assist in identifying threats and taking action.

The senior officer emphasized that the war in Ukraine has been incorporated into the force’s planning for Eurovision security.

Hosting an Event on Behalf of a Country at War

The fact that the event is being hosted on behalf of Ukraine, which is currently at war, adds significance to the policing operation, and is one of the contingencies the force is considering.

Chief Superintendent Jonathan Davies, who is overseeing the operation, remarked that Merseyside Police has extensive experience in planning for large events such as the Giants, the Labour Party Conference, and city-wide parades.

He highlighted that the public’s involvement in reporting any unusual activity can help keep crowds safe.

Public Participation is Essential

Merseyside Police encourages the public to enjoy the festivities while reporting anything out of place, unusual, or that does not seem to fit in with day-to-day life.


The force is working with the Ukrainian authorities and broadcasting company to deliver the event on their behalf.


The preparations for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool highlight the importance of security and vigilance in large-scale events.

The involvement of the public in identifying suspicious activity is critical for ensuring the safety of all participants.

The fact that the event is being hosted on behalf of a country at war underscores the need for a finely tuned security plan.

The efforts of Merseyside Police in working with other law enforcement agencies and the public demonstrate a commitment to ensuring the success of the event while prioritizing safety.


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