Men’s Favorite Requests, Former Escort Shares Industry Secrets

Men’s Favorite Requests, Former Escort Shares Industry Secrets

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

Amanda Goff, formerly known as Samantha X, has been sharing her experiences as a sex worker in her recent Femail column.


In her latest article, Amanda revealed that men’s favorite requests were “mature and curvy women.”

Amanda also claimed that men love the confidence that comes with age, making mature women a big draw in the bedroom.

Escort Samantha X poses naked on a bed
Escort Samantha X poses naked on a bed

Amanda shared her experience as a former escort, explaining how the demand for mature women increased as she got older.

She charged $1,500 an hour for her time in her late 40s and was more in demand than ever.

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According to Amanda, women are often misled by the myth that they become less desirable after the age of 40.

However, Amanda says that this is not the case and encourages women to embrace their age.


In her article, Amanda shared some of the reasons why men prefer mature women.

One man wanted to book someone mature for a dinner partner and someone to talk to, not just sex.

Amanda Goff/Samantha X poses in black suit jacket
Amanda Goff/Samantha X poses in black suit jacket

Another client was tired of dining alone and was looking for a lady who could pass for his wife, not his daughter.

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Amanda also revealed that one of her busiest ladies was a grandma in her mid-60s who had silver hair and spectacles.

Amanda believes that the woman’s success is down to her natural body and boobs, warmth, authenticity, and confidence, and no Botox.

Men also appreciate the life experience and knowledge that mature women have, making them great teachers in the bedroom.

Amanda encourages women to be confident and embrace their age, as men find this to be a significant turn-on.

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Amanda Goff’s column sheds light on a topic that is often stigmatized and misunderstood.

By sharing her experiences as a former sex worker, Amanda aims to educate and empower women while also providing insight into men’s desires.

Her article challenges the myth that women become less desirable as they age, encouraging women to embrace their age and confidence.

Amanda’s article provides a unique perspective on the sex industry and breaks down the stereotypes associated with it.


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