Memorial service for Rikhado ‘Riky Rick’ Makhado

Memorial service for Rikhado ‘Riky Rick’ Makhado

According to several media reports, Riky Rick took his own life.

Social media has been awash with tributes for the star and entrepreneur, whom is remembered not only for his music, but also for his contribution to fashion.


Riky Rick was laid to rest during a private funeral service on Tuesday, 1 March 2022.  The livestream of the memorial service and click on the ‘play’ icon to begin watching.

Sunday World recently reported that the rapper had left suicide notes for his family – his widow Bianca and his two children, Maik and Jordan. The star prayed for his family’s understanding and forgiveness for taking his own life. He’s also asked for his family to not blame themselves for ending his life.

The father of two struggled with depression for years and has been open about his battle. The publication adds that he hanged himself with a rope in his music studio garage where his wife and his management team found him.