Melissa Rivers expresses Joan’s sentiments towards awakened culture: “It would drive her insane.”

Melissa Rivers expresses Joan’s sentiments towards awakened culture: “It would drive her insane.”

Can we discuss awakeness?

Melissa, Joan Rivers’s daughter, claims that awakened culture would drive her mother “mad” if she were living today.

“If we were viewing the news together, I am certain she would turn to me… “Can you believe this nonsense?” The 54-year-old host of the podcast “Group Text,” Rivers, told The Post.

She stated, “Our society has become utterly ludicrous.” If everyone channeled their aggregate anxiety and energy into a worthy cause, it would make an enormous difference.

The late comedian was enlightened in her own right, ensuring that her family was inclusive throughout the holidays.

“We commemorate all occasions. Melissa, whose book “Lies My Mother Told Me” was published in April, said, “Even though my family is Jewish, we truly enjoyed the concept of holidays.” “And it began at Thanksgiving with family and friends and continued until New Year’s.”

The product of Upper East Side, who migrated to Los Angeles at the age of three with her mother and father, producer Edgar Rosenberg, said she took over Christmas hosting duties after her mother passed away in 2014.

Joan hosted up to 30 people at her apartment at 1 East 62nd Street for the renowned Thanksgiving celebrations.

Melissa described the table as spanning the entire length of her flat, from the entryway to the living room. “She possessed this… There were never separate tables for children and adults.

Melissa Rivers recalls her mother’s Thanksgiving celebrations with fondness.

Melissa ensured that the Tiffany china set that her mother used for the occasion was passed down to her loved ones.

“I split it among a few of her closest friends as well as my cousins and their children,” she explained. I wanted those to whom our holiday traditions meant so much to be able to carry on a bit of them.

Melissa took over hosting duties after Joan’s death in 2014 and posted an Instagram photo of her Thanksgiving meal this year.

Family and friends were the focal point, not food.

“Because no one in our family knew how to cook,” Melissa remarked with a chuckle. “We do not have any unique foods… “Special dishes consisted of whatever the caterer had on hand.”

The two enjoyed mother-daughter lunches at restaurants such as Serendipity 3, Amaranth on the Upper East Side block where Joan resided, Nello on Madison Avenue, and Fred’s near Barneys.

Melissa spent quality time with her mother by covering the Oscars’ red carpet, which she described as “the world’s best cocktail party.”

One memorable occurrence stands out.

She said, “There was one year when my mum cursed in the first two minutes of the presentation.” “I’m thinking ‘Oh my God, we’re live!'”

The mother and daughter combo wowed on the red carpet at the Academy Awards.
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Moments such as this prepared her for the “interviews that go awry” on “Group Text,” where she has sat down with celebrities such as Jesse Palmer, Chelsea Handler, Jason Ritter, and Drea de Matteo.

George Clooney and Brad Pitt are her ideal guests, but she has refrained from requesting the A-Listers.

“Sending an email would be a waste of my booker’s time,” she remarked. Yes, they will be on my podcast, uh huh.

She is presently writing her next book, a funny guide to empty nesting. Edgar Cooper Endicott, her 22-year-old college senior son, aspires to work in the new media landscape.

Joan, Melissa, and Edgar together enjoy New Year’s Eve.

Even though he comes from a long history of artists, Edgar says he has no interest in continuing the family tradition.

She stated, “He says ‘no,’ but he does not comprehend that what he is doing is entertaining.” “I have a terrible, terrible surprise for him, as this is essentially the new trend in entertainment.”

»Melissa Rivers expresses Joan’s sentiments towards awakened culture: “It would drive her insane.”«

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