Melissa Caddick’s brother “pulled faces” throughout her abduction and suspected murder investigation

Melissa Caddick’s brother “pulled faces” throughout her abduction and suspected murder investigation

During an inquiry into Melissa Caddick’s disappearance and possible death, Melissa Caddick’s brother was reprimanded for “pulling faces” and sensationally stormed out of court.

On Friday, Adam Grimley had been watching Anthony Koletti, Ms. Caddick’s husband, testify at the coronial inquest from a seat in the rear of the NSW Coroner’s Court.

To caution Mr. Grimley about his “dramatic and distracting” facial expressions during questioning from counsel for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Deputy State Coroner Elizabeth Ryan halted the hearing (ASIC).

Before Mr. Grimley rushed out of the chamber, she continued, “And if you are unable to control yourself, I will invite you to witness the proceedings in the neighboring court.”

Judy Swan, the attorney for Mr. Koletti, was then instructed to “please restrain your facial emotions as well.”

A few hours after ASIC and the AFP searched Ms. Caddick’s house in November 2020, she was last seen leaving her Dover Heights mansion.

Her husband admitted to the inquiry that although he now recognizes that his wife was a fraudster, he continues to blame corporate watchdog ASIC for her alleged death as a result of their “cruelty.”

Mr. Koletti was shown a statement concerning the ASIC search warrant executed at the couple’s Sydney residence on November 11, 2020 that he had sent to the court in July 2021.

According to Mr. Koletti, “I think she died as a direct consequence of ASIC’s incompetence, brutality, and inhumanity.”

Is that still a part of your oath that you take today? Inquiry from Dean Jordan SC on behalf of ASIC.

Yes, Mr. Koletti responded.

Mr. Jordan said that continuing to make the claim “demonstrates your utter lack of objective perspective in respect to ASIC” and that it also indicated that he had “absolutely lost the plot.”

No, Mr. Koletti responded.

He acknowledged that the search warrant was legitimate at the time nonetheless.

Mr. Koletti had long held the opinion that his wife was a “straight shooter,” a capable and well-organized financial advisor.

But he had come to terms with the idea that she was taking millions from her friends and family while seeming to be hardworking and honest.

“You now acknowledge that Ms Caddick mislead you as well?” said Mr. Jordan.

Yes, Mr. Koletti responded.

How did you finally realize that Ms. Caddick was a con artist? Jordan enquired.

By listening to Her Honour and paying attention to the court procedures, Mr. Koletti stated.

Additionally, he said in a statement that for 14 hours of the search, he and Ms. Caddick were refused access to food, drink, and medical care that they “desperately required.”

ASIC’s lead investigator Isabella Allen has been the victim of Mr. Koletti’s attacks in the past, and on Friday he described her actions as “cold-hearted, abrupt, and heartless.”

John Sutton, Ms. Allen’s attorney, remarked, “Consider this, my client, at all times behaved in a professional and possibly detached way with both you and Melissa.”

Mr. Koletti said, “OK, I accept that.”

In addition to not asking his wife why federal police and ASIC were unexpectedly inspecting their Dover Heights home, Mr. Koletti claims he had no idea his wife was robbing relatives and friends of millions of dollars.

It was Ms. Caddick’s last confirmed sighting before she disappeared into thin air the next morning on November 12.

Those who lost money in Ms. Caddick’s Ponzi scheme—mostly family and friends—lost $20–$30 million, which she used to support her opulent lifestyle.

At Bournda Beach on the south coast of New South Wales in February 2021, her shoe-encased, rotting foot washed up on the strand.

According to expert testimony, Ms. Caddick had narcissistic personality disorder, and the embarrassment and humiliation she experienced after being revealed may have contributed to her severe psychological anguish and eventual suicide.

The investigation goes on.

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»Melissa Caddick’s brother “pulled faces” throughout her abduction and suspected murder investigation«

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