Meghan Trainor Reveals She Warns Her Brothers Before Having Sex With Her Husband

Meghan Trainor Reveals She Warns Her Brothers Before Having Sex With Her Husband

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Singer Meghan Trainor shares her family living situation and the struggles that come with it in a recent interview with Access Hollywood.


She revealed that she still lives with her whole family and needs to give them a warning before having sex with her husband, Daryl Sabara.

She tells her brothers that they will be trying to conceive a baby tonight and even shares the science of it with them.

Meghan has two brothers, Ryan and Justin, and they even joined Meghan and Daryl on their honeymoon.

Meghan considers her family to be her best friends and even tries to set them up on dates, referring to herself as a “matchmaker and a wingman”.

Meghan also talks about the difficulties of sharing a house with a large family.

Although they share the same house, they have their own side of the house, and she barely sees them.


Meghan admits that she would be very sad if they moved out because she enjoys having them around all the time.

However, the family living situation does come with its challenges.

Meghan has to warn her family, including her brothers, when she wants to have sex with her husband.

She also admits that her husband is packing such a large manhood that she “can’t walk” after sex.

Meghan has been diagnosed with vaginismus, defined as involuntary tensing of the vagina, which has made penetration very difficult for her.

Meghan is currently pregnant with her second child, and she shares that she is obsessed with the science of it.

She informs her family when she is implanting and says that they will hear it whether they like it or not.

Meghan says that her family is her support system, and they will be with her wherever she goes.


She also shares that they are not just a family but best friends.

Although Meghan’s family living situation comes with its challenges, she treasures the time that she gets to spend with her family.

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