Meghan Markle “Never Likely” to Attend King Charles’ Coronation: Inside Sources Reveal Why

Meghan Markle “Never Likely” to Attend King Charles’ Coronation: Inside Sources Reveal Why

...By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media.

The Decision Not to Attend King Charles’ Coronation


According to a royal source, Meghan Markle was “never likely” to attend King Charles’ coronation due to being put in an “impossible position.” As a result, Prince Harry will attend the ceremony alone, while Meghan remains in California with their children.

Meghan Markle’s “Impossible Position”

The couple has been estranged from the Royal Family since their move to California, and tensions have escalated with the release of Harry’s memoir, Spare.

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Speculation Surrounding Meghan’s Absence

Speculation over Meghan’s absence has included her children being left out of the coronation procession, and the timing of her son Archie’s birthday on the day of the event.

However, the couple’s biographer suggested Harry’s visit to the UK will be short and that Archie’s birthday played a factor in the decision for Meghan to stay behind.


Meghan’s decision not to attend King Charles’ coronation has sparked rumors and speculation, with some suggesting it was due to tensions between the couple and the Royal Family.

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However, a royal source has revealed that Meghan was “never likely” to attend the event, citing an “impossible position” that the Duchess was put in.

It is speculated that this position may have been related to tensions with the Royal Family or the UK media, as the couple has previously cited harassment and racism as reasons for their move to California.

Prince Harry to Attend Alone

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The decision for Prince Harry to attend the coronation alone may have also been influenced by the couple’s desire to protect themselves and their children from media attention.

Some insiders have suggested that the absence of Meghan may mean less of a distraction from the coronation events. Nevertheless, it is clear that the couple’s decision has drawn attention and speculation, with many questioning the state of their relationship with the Royal Family.


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