Meghan Markle asserts the paparazzi hired neighbors to take footage of her property

Meghan Markle asserts the paparazzi hired neighbors to take footage of her property

Meghan Markle said that she was harassed by paparazzi to the extent that her Toronto neighbors accepted cash in return for access to her backyard.

The Duchess of Sussex described the early stages of her relationship with Prince Harry in their new Netflix documentary, “Harry & Meghan,” in which the former royals discuss life before, during, and beyond the palace.

The actress was filming the television series “Suits” on location in Toronto, Canada, when news of her relationship with King Charles III’s youngest son became public.

In the second part of the program, the mother-of-two remarked, “It felt like the entire British media had come upon Toronto.”

Then, my neighbors texted me that “they are knocking on everyone’s door, attempting to locate you.” She alleged that they had paid specific neighbors to install a live-streaming camera in her backyard.

In the Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan,” Meghan Markle discusses a moment when the paparazzi hired her neighbors to capture her backyard.

The actress, who along with her husband left royal life in 2020 and relocated across the pond in a desperate attempt to start over, stated that the paparazzi harassment had a ripple effect on her life.

Markle stated, “All of a sudden, it seemed as though every aspect of my existence was becoming increasingly insular.” “The blinds and drapes were all drawn. It was eerie.”

Meghan Markle reported that her neighbors texted her that paparazzi were knocking on everyone’s house and searching for her.

“My home was completely surrounded. Just males constantly waiting in their automobiles for me to do anything, she continued, adding, “My face and my life were everywhere. Tabloids had taken over everything.”

From a distance of 3,547 miles, Prince Harry stated that he was doing all he could to reduce the media attention surrounding his girlfriend.

A photograph of the live stream camera located in Meghan Markle’s backyard is displayed.

The 38-year-old author of “Spare” added, “I was hearing all of this from thousands of miles away and wanting to do something about it, but I was utterly helpless.”

“There were things she wrote that I had to inquire about,” he continued.

Markle reported elsewhere that she got a death threat around the same time.

Meghan Markle stated that the house was surrounded by men waiting in their automobiles for her to take action.

She recalled, “I would explain to the police, ‘If any other lady in Toronto said to you, ‘There are six grown guys sleeping in their cars surrounding my house, and they are following me everywhere I go, and I’m terrified, wouldn’t you call that stalking?'”

“They agreed, but there’s nothing we can do due to who you’re dating. I thought, Am I expected to live like this? Then I received a death threat, and things changed because I needed protection.”


»Meghan Markle asserts the paparazzi hired neighbors to take footage of her property«

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