Megan Thee Stallion’s Fashion Debut Sparks Allegations

Megan Thee Stallion debuted her Fashion Nova collection earlier this month with sales over $1.2 million (£899,000) in 24 hours, according to the New York Post


But the launch came amid accusations on Instagram from a designer named Aazhia that the Megan had stolen the design of one of her dresses.

Aazhia wrote, “IMA BREAK THIS DOWN REAL SIMPLE! MY DRESS [WAS STOLEN] AND USED IN THIS MEGAN X FN COLLAB!.” Aazhia alleged Megan’s team did not tell her they were using her design and she was not compensated.

The designer claims that one of Megan’s stylists reached out to her asking that she pull one of her dresses for an event the rapper was attending. Aazhia posted, “[SHE] AND HER TEAM ARE VERY MUCH AWARE OF (MY) BRAND AND THIS WAS APPROVED BY HER!”

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Megan’s Response 

The singer/designer denied the accusation on The Morning Hustle. Megan said, “If it [has} been a real misunderstanding, I [would not] had a problem saying, ‘I’m sorry, sis’. [I would] have checked my stylist. Like, you don’t do that. That’s not right.” The star stated that if the accusation was true, the dress would be out of the collection. Furthermore, she said compensation would happen. 

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Aazhia responded, “I’m vexed because it’s condescending, it’s disrespectful, it’s hypocritical.” She went on to say, “My dress is from the ‘90s. And [Megan] said, in her opinion, it’s not stolen… But for me, all I saw was more disrespect.”

It seems as though Aaszhia should accept Megan’s response because it sounds like there’s a fair settlement to be had.

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