Meet twin brothers who are happily married to one woman

Friday, 28 January 2022 – TheseTwin brothers from Rwanda are happily married to one woman.

The three have been staying together for the past two years and still counting.

Surprisingly, the woman revealed that she first dated the elder twin who did not disclose that he had an identical brother because she had never seen them together.

One day, she met, hugged and kissed the other brother without the knowledge that he was not the one she was dating.

After feeling the love from the woman, the younger twin brother fell for her.

When the twin brothers found out that they are in love with the same woman, they came to a consensus and agreed to share, although some of their family members rejected their unique marriage.

The twin brothers say people badmouth them due to the nature of their marriage but they always turn a deaf ear to negative opinions.

Watch the video below as the brothers speak on their unique marriage.