“McScurry” Rodent captured on camera climbing over a chair in a McDonald’s in front of horrified patrons

“McScurry” Rodent captured on camera climbing over a chair in a McDonald’s in front of horrified patrons

A ‘terrified’ McDonald’s patron captured on camera the moment she observed a mouse crawling around the table next to hers, prompting her to scream and flee the restaurant when it ‘ran towards her’

McScurry: The rodent was filmed crawling over a seat in the Tilbury branch of McDonald's, in Essex
Chloe Thompson was eating a sausage and egg McMuffin at the fast-food chain’s location in Tilbury, Essex, when she noticed rats scurrying around while Galway Girl, Ed Sheeran’s 2017 number-one single, played in the background.

The 18-year-clip, old’s captured earlier this month, shows the insect crawling around the chair’s seat and back as she watches in disbelief and exclaims, “I feel like I’m in a dream.”

Chloe believed the animal to be a “baby rat,” although her mother Kelly Mullins concedes it could be a mouse.

The rat was captured on camera slithering over a seat at the Essex McDonald’s location in Tilbury.

She claims that workers were ‘following the rat with a garbage can’ when she alerted them, so the ‘terrified’ adolescent shouted and fled the store without eating her lunch.

Kelly, the ‘disgusted’ mother of the administrative assistant, uploaded the video to Facebook, where it has received more than 118,000 views.

One person said it made her “feel sick,” while another called it “McF**king disgusting.”

The 47-year-old mother claims the mouse could have urinated on the restaurant’s tables and affirmed that her ‘favorite’ daughter will not be returning to McDonald’s in the near future.

McDonald’s said that an environmental health officer and pest control specialists visited the restaurant following the’sighting’ and found ‘no signs of pest activity’

Chloe Thompson, age 18, was eating a sausage and egg McMuffin when she noticed a rodent on the table across from her and began filming it.

The rodent was observed scaling a chair.Chloe's mother, Kelly Mullins (pictured left) shared her daughter's video of the rodent on Facebook, racking up thousands of views online

Chloe reported that personnel at the fast food restaurant afterwards used a trash can to try to catch it.

Chloe’s mother, Kelly Mullins (shown on the left), uploaded Chloe’s video of the rodent to Facebook, garnering thousands of internet views.

Kelly from Thurrock, Essex, reported that Chloe was terrified. The rat was clambering all over the tables and chairs.

She emailed me a video of a mouse with the message, “oh my god, I’ve got to tell them” so she walked to the counter and told someone.

A staff member merely rolled her eyes at Chloe before grabbing a trash can and chasing it around the office.McDonald's later brought in a pest controller and say that since the incident there has been no reported pest activity. Pictured are Chloe Thompson, 18, and her mother Kelly Mullins, 47 (both pictured centre)

“As they chased it with the garbage can, the mouse raced towards Chloe. She simply yelled and fled. McDonald’s is her favorite fast food restaurant, but she won’t be consuming it for a time.

Kelly noted that the presence of a mouse in the restaurant while her daughter was dining there was “disgusting.”

Chloe’s boyfriend had dropped her off at McDonald’s for breakfast before work, and she immediately forwarded the video to her mother.

More than 700 comments and 1,500 shares have been made on Kelly’s Facebook post titled, “Tilbury McDonald’s this morning.”

Since the incident, McDonald’s has reportedly employed an exterminator and there have been no reports of bug activity. Chloe Thompson, age 18, and her mother Kelly Mullins, age 47, are pictured (both pictured centre)

One person said, “The new McScurry. I am unable to stop watching it.

Another commented, ‘Grim! I mean they urinate while running! They lack continence! ‘

A third added: ‘Omg Made me ill.’

McDonald’s representative stated, “Hygiene and cleanliness are of utmost importance to us.”

‘Experts in pest management visited the restaurant the same day we were notified of this sighting. They also conducted a follow-up inspection this week and determined that there are no indications of insect activity elsewhere inside.

The environmental health officer has visited the eatery, and they concur that there are no problems whatsoever.

As standard procedure, pest control professionals conduct routine inspections of the Tilbury restaurant and its surrounding region, ensuring that the restaurant continues to retain a Food Hygiene Rating of 5.


»“McScurry” Rodent captured on camera climbing over a chair in a McDonald’s in front of horrified patrons«

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