Mastering FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Tips and Strategies for Success

Mastering FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Tips and Strategies for Success

When starting to play FIFA 23 Ultimate Team mode, players encounter a new format that provides random performers from sets with players of varying degrees of quality.

FIFA coins, an online currency, are needed to buy and open packs with random players of different quality.

To earn FIFA coins, players can buy them on a site, get them for wins, draws, and even losses in division mode when playing against other players, participate in tournaments regularly held by EA Sports, play Squad Battles, and complete Squad Building Challenges, Moments mode, and Tasks.

To increase the win rate in division matches, players should play boldly and use every attack as an opportunity to score a goal and increase their advantage.

Players should not run after the opponent with the ball with the whole team, wasting energy and reducing the potential of all players.

Instead, they should call on their teammates for help, block off potential passing areas, and only then start pressing.

Using flanking breakthroughs can help players attack on the flank and use their advantage, such as speed and limitations of opponents in actions.

The flanks require a high rate of speed from the performer, and it is desirable to be accompanied by the support of the performers.

From the flank, players can go on the attack with the help of a canopy, a long pass, or an independent breakthrough to the enemy gate.

Players can use violations as a way to stop opponents from attacking.

They can hit the ball with a tackle or run rough on an attacker, kick the ball out of bounds or a corner.

A perfect tackle can knock the opponent down or cause them to lose momentum, which works in the player’s favor when going into a counterattack.

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