‘MasterChef SA’: New season 4 pantry makes bold ‘green’ statement

Viewers of the latest season of MasterChef SA, which began on M-Net channel 101 on Monday evening, February 28th, will have noticed the food pantry right away…not only for its delectable content, but also for its distinctly green imprint.

The MasterChef SA pantry places a major emphasis on sustainability, including de-packaged fresh produce and a zero-waste zone.

‘MasterChef South Africa’: Inside the no-packaging pantry

For season 4 of the popular culinary TV show, a packaging-free zone means contestants select pantry staples – from flour and grains to seeds and nuts – directly from large glass jars, helping reduce unnecessary packaging waste during the show’s production.

Pick n Pay — the title sponsor of the new season — first trialled its packaging-free zone in its Constantia store in Cape Town. These products are sourced directly from suppliers and are delivered to the store in large reusable containers before being decanted into containers in the packaging-free zone.