Massive Timber Yard Fire in Ely, Cardiff Keeps Fire Crews Occupied

Massive Timber Yard Fire in Ely, Cardiff Keeps Fire Crews Occupied

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Fire crews are still present at the site of a fire that erupted in Ely, Cardiff, on Wednesday night.


The blaze engulfed approximately 100 tonnes of timber at a wood yard, prompting local residents to be cautioned about keeping their doors and windows shut.

The wood yard, located off Birdies Lane and Mill Road, became the center of attention for the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

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A significant number of firefighters remained on the scene throughout Thursday, diligently addressing the incident and ensuring that the smouldering remains were sufficiently doused with water.

Initial Response and Ongoing Efforts

Reports of a commercial fire were first received at around 7:29 pm on Wednesday (May 24), leading to the prompt dispatch of several fire crews.

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Specialist equipment, including water ladders and bowsers, has been utilized to manage the fire effectively.

Precautionary Measures and Investigation Plans

As of Thursday afternoon, a spokeswoman from the South Wales Fire and Rescue confirmed that the incident is ongoing, emphasizing the importance of community members keeping their doors and windows closed to minimize exposure to smoke and potential hazards.

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Once the fire is under control, an investigation will be launched to determine the cause behind the outbreak, shedding light on the factors contributing to this alarming incident.

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