Massive Fire Engulfs Marsden Moor Once Again: Firefighters Deploy Drones to Control Inferno

Massive Fire Engulfs Marsden Moor Once Again: Firefighters Deploy Drones to Control Inferno

...By Muyiwa Aderinto for TDPel Media.

Huge Moor Fire in Marsden: Fire Crews and Drones Battle Repeated Blaze

Firefighters from various regions in Yorkshire have been mobilized for the third time in a month to combat a massive fire on Marsden Moor.


Crews, supported by drones, have been working tirelessly to bring the raging inferno under control.

Recurring Wildfire and Extent:

The extensive wildfire ignited on Marsden Moor yesterday afternoon and continued to spread, measuring approximately 1km x 1km as of last night, as reported by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The fire has caused visible smoke trails in the area, stretching across several miles.

Collaborative Efforts and Drone Usage:

Nine fire departments from nearby areas were summoned to tackle the latest blaze near Butterley Reservoir.

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Additional engines were dispatched from Odsall, Mirfield, Cleckheaton, and Meltham to support the crews already present from Ossett, Keighley, Todmorden, Halifax, and Skelmanthorpe.

Drones and an Argocat, along with two pumps and two wildfire units, remain deployed at the scene, as confirmed by the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Monitoring the Situation:

Efforts to control the fire are ongoing, and inquiries have been made to obtain an update from the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service regarding the progress of their operations.

Previous Incidents and Devastation:

This is not the first time that Marsden Moor has faced such challenges. On April 20th of this year, firefighters were called to the moor to tackle two separate fires, both of which were treated as arson.

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The consequences of such incidents are severe, as Kate Divey-Matthews from the National Trust at Marsden Moor explained, with significant damage inflicted upon the valuable landscape.

Ground-nesting bird populations are particularly vulnerable during this critical period, and the destructive fires have resulted in the discovery of burnt nests and eggs.


History of Fires:

Prior to the recent incidents, Marsden Moor suffered devastating fires in April 2019, which caused damage to 700 hectares of grassland and required £500,000 for restoration.

Another blaze occurred in April 2021, leading to £200,000 worth of damages.

Commentary: The recurrence of wildfires on Marsden Moor highlights the immense challenges faced by firefighters in battling these destructive blazes.

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The utilization of drones to support firefighting operations demonstrates the incorporation of advanced technology to aid in fire suppression and monitoring efforts.

The repeated nature of these incidents underscores the importance of proactive measures to prevent arson and safeguard the precious landscape.

The impact on wildlife, particularly ground-nesting bird populations, serves as a reminder of the ecological consequences of such fires.

The cost and effort required for restoration highlight the significant resources needed to repair the damage inflicted upon this designated Site of Special Scientific Interest.


Drone footage captured the devastating scale of the fire on the moor  
It is feared the blaze has the potential to cause huge damage to the precious landscape

Continued vigilance and preventive measures are crucial to protect and preserve the moor’s unique ecosystem in the future.

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