Married At First sight participant annoys viewers with are comment about her new husband

Married At First sight participant annoys viewers with are comment about her new husband

Viewers of Married At First Sight (MAFS) Australia were left wincing on Monday (March 13) after bride Melinda insulted her new husband Layton and said he was “punching” – meaning he’d been matched with someone out of his league.

In the latest episode of the hit show, which sees couples matched by love experts meet their spouses for the first time at the altar on their wedding day, Melinda, a career-driven CEO of a fashion and beauty firm, was matched with Layton, the CEO of a firm making pet medications.

Both had described themselves as being hard-working and dedicated professionals with similar career-focused goals and passions in life – so viewers weren’t surprised to learn that the MAFS Australia love experts had matched them together as a couple.

Whilst Layton admitted that his obsession with his work had ultimately led to the breakdown of two of his previous relationships, it was clear the pair had been matched together with the hope they could become a “power couple”.

But unfortunately, Melinda did not immediately see this potential in her new relationship.

Shortly after marrying Layton, Melinda told the camera what she thought of him – and she certainly didn’t hold back. “He may be punching just a little,” she said.

“I’d have swiped left. I’m a nine and a half, on a bad day!”

Urban Dictionary explains the concept of a partner “punching” as: “People who are punching above their weight are generally going out with women of far superior quality in either the face/body department”.


As for ‘swiping left,’ that’s what you do on Tinder to reject a potential match!

Immediately after Melinda made her harsh comments, viewers took to social media to share their frustration.

“‘I’d swipe left?’ If I were Layton, I wouldn’t even wait until final vows before giving Melinda this energy!” said one.

“Layton is FAR too good for Melinda, someone throw her overboard!” said another.

“Melinda is a bit of an arsehole isn’t she… ‘He’s punching a bit’ ‘I’m a 9.5 on a bad day’… and her vows are all about her!” said another – while another viewer criticised her cold attitude and said: “Wow ice princess! She’s not giving off friendly vibes at all.”

Later in the programme, viewers saw Melinda keep her eyes open when wedding photographers asked her and her new husband to kiss – and while Layton went in for a cheeky bit of tongue action, Melinda kept her lips firmly closed together.

She later admitted that nothing intimidate had happened between them “not even a hug” – but over time, she did appear to warm to Layton and be willing to get to know him better.

Elsewhere on the show, vivacious and “wild” single mum Melissa, 40, married calm and sensible Josh, 41.


Only time will tell if either couple have the love and determination to make their relationships last.

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