Man’s vows to sleep with women of every nationality on his holiday but falls in love instead

Man’s vows to sleep with women of every nationality on his holiday but falls in love instead

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A Young Man’s Outlandish Statement on a Lads Holiday

Mason, a self-proclaimed “geezer” from Essex, was featured in Channel 4’s new show, Emergency on Sunny Beach.


Along with his friends Jack and Patrick, he had booked a 10-day holiday in the Bulgarian party town.

He was on his first lads’ holiday in Sunny Beach, blaming being in a relationship and Covid-19 for delaying his fun.

However, all three men were “single and ready to mingle” now.

They had spent £30 a night at the Hotel Glarus to drink, dance, and meet women, and Mason had some big dreams.

Mason fell for Bulgarian Izabel (Image: Channel 4)
Mason fell for Bulgarian Izabel (Image: Channel 4)

Mason’s Bold Claim

Mason had brought 20 condoms to back up his statement, claiming that he wanted to sleep with women of every nationality on his holiday.

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Speaking to the camera outside his “shag pad for the week,” he said that he wanted to sleep with a “MILF” and then sh*g foreign birds because he loved foreign birds.


He wanted to sleep with every nationality before he died, at least in Europe anyway.

Mason’s friends ribbed him for planning to sleep with two women per day.

Mason’s Plan to Woo Women

To attract women, Mason planned to wow them with his looks and took his time getting ready before going to bar Kiki Beach.

He changed his outfit five times and changed his hair about five times, saying, “I’m gonna make Sunny Beach my f*ing oyster.”

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He wanted to look his best to get the best women.

Mason’s Holiday Romance

At the beach bar, Mason pulled a Bulgarian woman, Izabel, whom he had seen snogging by the pool while spraying champagne from a bottle.

Mason went on to tell her that in Essex, she was a “sort” and an “11/10.”

He did not expect to meet a Bulgarian, but he tried and got lucky.


Unfortunately, Izabel had to leave the resort to go home that day, and her annoyed friends collected her from Mason’s room the next morning.

Despite snogging more women throughout his holiday, including a Scottish woman and a Northern Irish woman, Mason revealed that he had not taken anyone else back to his room.

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Mason’s Continued Obsession with Izabel

Mason still talked about Izabel and said that he wanted her.

He tried to hit on the check-out worker, but it did not work out for him.

He said that he was going to marry Izabel, put a wedding ring on her finger, and that she was an angel who put every letter into the word “Wifey.”

He claimed that he loved her and would marry her later if she was watching.


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