Mampintsha’s mother apparently has a stroke and ends up in the hospital

Mampintsha’s mother apparently has a stroke and ends up in the hospital

It is thought that Zama Gumede, Mampintsha’s mother, has not been feeling well since her son’s hospitalization. Prior to Mampintsha’s death, her health began to deteriorate and she suffered a stroke.

Zimoja reports that when Zama Gumede’s son Mampintsha was initially hospitalized with a stroke, she was unable to accept the possibility of his passing. Pinky Gumede, sister of Mampintsha, reports that her mother is receiving medical care in a hospital.

“I had to remove her from the house and take her to the hospital because there were too many guests coming and going, some with condolences and others with malicious purpose. She is not coping well with Mandla’s passing. She became unwell before he did, but her condition worsened when he was first brought to the hospital.

Zama’s condition worsened, and physicians administered a drip before discharging her, making it difficult for her to attend the memorial service and funeral.

“We had to assist her in walking. However, she is now worse. Her liver has been impacted, and she has also been diagnosed with a stroke, according to the physician. If she takes her medication, she will not be incapacitated, as her stroke is not severe. She has been unable to eat properly, which is influencing the manner in which she takes her medication.” Pinky claims that Mampintsha’s death deeply affected her.

Pinkly Gumede informs Zimoja that their mother is requesting Mandla, commonly known as Mampintsha.

“I’ve had to inform her that Mandla is at the airport since she continues to ask about him. She had no illnesses, including neither diabetes nor high blood pressure. She was fit and even exercises. But this is difficult. So that she may move on, she needs a private hospital and a psychologist to help her cope with the trauma. We currently lack the funds to provide her with specialized medical care and are pleading for assistance.”

Iharare adds that Zama Gumede, the mother-in-law of Babes Wodumo, has not been in good health since her husband’s death in 2016.

“Since the death of her spouse in 2016, she has not been in good health; she had liver difficulties, but is now worse. When Mandla passed away, she wasn’t even drinking alcohol.”

The sister of Mampintsha is requesting financial assistance from the public in order to transfer her to a private hospital.

“I cannot afford to do that. She stated, “I am appealing to the public for assistance so I can provide her with the best care possible.”


»Mampintsha’s mother apparently has a stroke and ends up in the hospital«

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