Mamelodi Sundowns’ Dominance in PSL Football, A Statistical Comparison with Kaizer Chiefs

Mamelodi Sundowns’ Dominance in PSL Football, A Statistical Comparison with Kaizer Chiefs

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates fans are well aware that Mamelodi Sundowns currently hold the top position in PSL (Premier Soccer League) football, a status they have maintained for a considerable period of time.


following paragraphs will delve into the numerical figures representing their accomplishments and shed light on the significance of these statistics for both teams.

Mamelodi Sundowns’ Unmatched Success:

Over the past nine seasons, Mamelodi Sundowns has emerged victorious in seven of the DStv Premiership competitions, leaving only two occasions when their dominance was interrupted by Kaizer Chiefs (2014-15) and Bidvest Wits (2016-17).

This exceptional consistency is reflected in their consistently high points tally, reaching 57 or above in each of these seasons.

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Notably, the 2015-16 season saw Sundowns achieve an impressive record-breaking points tally of 71, the highest ever in PSL history.

With one game remaining, they currently possess 69 points and have the opportunity to break their own record by a single point.

Kaizer Chiefs’ Decline:

In stark contrast to Mamelodi Sundowns’ exceptional performance, Kaizer Chiefs’ points tally over the same period has been far less impressive.


Their numbers reveal a decline, with their points ranging from 69 (matching Sundowns’ highest) to a low of 36.

The figures for Kaizer Chiefs in the past nine seasons stand at 69, 46, 50, 48, 39, 57, 36, 47, and 44 points respectively.

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These statistics clearly highlight the disparity in performance between the two teams.

Analysis and Commentary:

The statistics presented here provide a stark contrast between Mamelodi Sundowns and Kaizer Chiefs in terms of their success in PSL football.

Sundowns’ consistent high points tallies showcase their dominance and highlight their ability to perform at an elite level consistently.

On the other hand, Kaizer Chiefs’ numbers indicate a decline in their performance over the years, with their points tally fluctuating and often falling below the levels set by Sundowns.

This comparison emphasizes the gap between the two teams and suggests that Kaizer Chiefs have been struggling to match the relentless success of Mamelodi Sundowns.

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Mamelodi Sundowns’ supremacy in PSL football is evident from their impressive points tallies and their overwhelming dominance in recent years.


The numerical figures presented in this analysis provide a clear indication of the gap between Sundowns and Kaizer Chiefs.

While Sundowns have consistently achieved high points totals, Kaizer Chiefs’ performance has been inconsistent and marked by a decline.

These statistics serve as a reminder of Mamelodi Sundowns’ status as the top dogs of PSL football and highlight the challenges faced by Kaizer Chiefs in trying to bridge the gap and reclaim their position as contenders for the title.


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