Makhadzi slammed for pushing dancer off the stage during gig [watch]

Makhadzi is known for her pulsating performances, including her energetic dance moves. But this time, the Limpopo singer had the crowd slightly confused as to what was happening.

That’s because the star was seen seemingly pushing one of her back-up dancers off the stage – mid-performance.

Now tweeps are weighing in on what exactly led to the viral moment.


The video went viral after one tweep revealed the incident had reportedly taken place over the weekend. The tweep posted: “Saturday at Moonlight Tavern in the North West where Makhadzi was performing. [She] ended up pushing one of her dancers off [the] stage”.

In the clip Makhadzi and her dancers can be seen spraying the crowd with water. Just before being seemingly shoved off stage, the dancer appears to wet Makhadzi by accident.

It appears that the African Queen hitmaker “nudged” the dancer to indicate her to stop, but instead ended up pushing her a little too hard. The woman, wearing a short white mini-skirt then takes a tumble off the stage, landing on the floor beneath.


On Twitter, the jury is out on whether Makhadzi accidentally or intentionally pushed her dancer off the stage.

Some tweeps believed that singer was shocked by her own strength.

“It’s Makhadzi being surprised for me. But I don’t think she pushed her intentionally though”

“The intention was not to push her from the stage to the ground. The intention was to say she must move aside because water is also splashing all over her head”

“Eish, I think it was supposed to be a tap on the shoulder. But it’s either Makhadzi’s tap is too strong or the dancer didn’t/ doesn’t have balance”


Others suspected foul play.

“This was intentional. The girl was stealing her spotlight,” said one tweep, whilst another joked: “This girl was probably flirting with Master KG”.