Maine State Police Identify Suspect in Quadruple Homicide and Highway Shooting

Maine State Police Identify Suspect in Quadruple Homicide and Highway Shooting

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Maine State Police have identified the suspect in the recent quadruple homicide and subsequent highway shooting that left three people injured.


Joseph Eaton was arrested on Tuesday night and charged with four counts of murder.

Eaton is currently being held at Two Bridges Regional Jail, and he is expected to appear in court later this week.


On Monday afternoon, four people were found dead inside a home in Bowdoin, Maine.

The victims were identified as 57-year-old Janice O’Connor, 33-year-old Christopher O’Connor, 30-year-old Timothy Mayberry, and 28-year-old Justine Seroccini.

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Later that day, three people were shot on a nearby highway.


Police say that Eaton was responsible for both incidents.


Following a manhunt that lasted nearly 24 hours, Eaton was arrested on Tuesday evening.

Authorities have not yet released any information on the motive for the killings, and the investigation is ongoing.

Maine State Police have expressed their condolences to the families of the victims and have thanked the public for their assistance in locating the suspect.

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The recent crime in Bowdoin, Maine, has left the community reeling with shock and disbelief.

The loss of four lives in such a brutal manner is a tragedy that will have a profound impact on the victims’ families and the wider community.


The identification and subsequent arrest of the suspect will provide some measure of closure to those affected by this heinous crime.

It is important to note that the investigation is still ongoing, and there may be more information to come about the motive behind the killings.

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It is also essential to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of law enforcement officials who worked tirelessly to bring the suspect into custody.

Finally, our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims during this difficult time.

We hope that they can find some solace in the fact that the suspect is in custody and that justice will be served.


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