Mabusi To Jojo: ‘I Don’t Talk I Hit’ after Jojo throws drink at Mabusi

Mabusi To Jojo: ‘I Don’t Talk I Hit’ after Jojo throws drink at Mabusi

Jojo and Mabusi’s feud has been simmering for quite some time. Jojo was irritated because she believed Mabusi had asked her a question about her husband but instead referred to him as a “old man.” Mabusi was irritated with Jojo because she had inquired about the authenticity of her luxury bags.

The conflict has now increased on the show’s season finale. The women were on vacation at Sun City. It all started when the ladies came down to question LaConco about whether or not she had been lying about her “bae,” dubbed “Petal.”

However, things took a turn when Mabusi revealed which questions she “secretly” asked each of the ladies on their trip to Nambiti Lodge.

“Jojo, if you were single, would you marry outside of your race?” she asked.

“I said it depends who you love… doesn’t matter what the colour is. So, why the f*** bring it up again?” responds Jojo.

Things got out of hand when Mabusi tried to explain her thoughts on LaConco but Jojo jumped into the conversation. Jojo thereafter got up and threw her drink on Mabusi. Mabusi was livid and she got up from her seat for Jojo.

“I honestly wish I could take it back. I wish I didn’t throw the water at her but I did at this point,” said Jojo.

“Hey! I’ll beat her up. I can hit you but I know I can’t hit (you) because I will get arrested but I don’t talk, I hit,” said Mabusi.



Twitter users slammed Jojo for the way she treated Mabusi. Take a look…

“Jojo just a manipulative & rude brat.She mustn’t come back. Annie has a lot of mean girl energy but can stand 4 her truth.Thobile does fit in but she tried at the end.LaC too private 4 a reality show.Mabusi needs to be full time.Nonku carries the show. Londie is just🤦🏽‍♀️,” tweeted @karabom969.

“I officially can’t stand Jojo. She is a classic white privilege snob. Uses her white tears to evade the consequences of her wrong doings and be defended for shit. MaBusi should’ve beat her a** 😭 #RHOD #RHODurban,” tweeted @lonaradebe.

“Mabusi’ comment about Jojo being a spoilt brat is spot on. You can see Jojo doesn’t come from money, and now that she has it she doesn’t know how to act. Like how rude can you be, how can you talk to ppl like that?? #RHOD #RHODurban,” tweeted @Life_of_Nana.


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