Love Island Villa Turned Party House: The Struggle of Yorkshire Residents

Love Island Villa Turned Party House: The Struggle of Yorkshire Residents

...By Solomon Thomas for TDPel Media.

Residents of an area in Yorkshire are struggling to cope with late-night parties at a holiday let.


The application for The Eaves was rejected by officials at East Riding Council after it was discovered that the property had been marketing itself as a “Love Island Villa.”

In this essay, I will share my thoughts on this situation, dividing it into paragraphs with subtitles and adding commentaries before and after each.

The site plan for The Eaves holiday let
The site plan for The Eaves holiday let

The Love Island Villa: The applicant, Paminder Singh-Chana, assured the councillors that the property had not received any complaints about people staying at the property.

He claimed that the impact was the same as a family hosting gatherings from time to time.

However, this view was not shared by Geoffrey Naylor, who claimed that elderly neighbours had been subjected to swearing, screaming, and smelling drugs.

One councillor claimed that this led to the police being called.


Council’s Decision: Mr Singh-Chana had bought the six-bedroom property with his brother in 2021, and councillors unanimously rejected the retrospective application.

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At present, the property is classed as a family home.

However, Mr Singh-Chana submitted an application to allow the property to be used as a holiday let.

Council officers had recommended that the plans be approved, submitting 13 comments in support, including pool maintenance and cleaning businesses, which received business at the property.

However, these were opposed by 36 objections from residents, as well as Flamborough Parish Council over noise and antisocial behavior, which were preventing them from sleeping, as well as traffic problems caused by parking.

Arguments For and Against:

Mr Singh-Chana maintained that the vast majority of guests staying at the property were a mix of adults and children.

Neighbours have complained about guests at the holiday let
Neighbours have complained about guests at the holiday let

He added that it offered accommodation that would otherwise be unavailable in the village.


He claimed that it encouraged the development of the local economy and boosted tourism.

However, Mr Naylor claimed that the let had actually been advertised for stag and hen dos and other parties.

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He said that this was in one of the quietest residential streets in Flamborough, and neighbours had asked for the noise to be kept down, only to be told to mind their own business.

Impact on Neighbors:

Councillor Phoenix said that neighbors had been mortified by the behavior of guests at the house.

Many of the neighbors are elderly and are suffering because of the noise and disturbance over the last year.

One resident has a very serious illness and was in the Iraq War and has PTSD.

Someone from the let jumped into his garden, which frightened him to death, and he’s now considering moving out because he can’t cope anymore.



In conclusion, while holiday lets are a great source of revenue for many property owners, it’s essential to consider the impact that they have on the community.

In this case, it’s clear that the noise and disturbance caused by late-night parties at The Eaves are having a negative impact on the neighbors.

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It’s important for property owners to be considerate of their neighbors, particularly in residential areas, and ensure that their guests do not cause any disturbance or nuisance to the community.


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