Loreen’s Remarkable Nails Steal the Spotlight at Eurovision 2023

Loreen’s Remarkable Nails Steal the Spotlight at Eurovision 2023

...By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media.


Loreen, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, captivated audiences not only with her outstanding performance but also with her extraordinary nails.


While her victory was well-deserved for her exceptional song, it was her nail art that became the talk of the town. The attention garnered on Twitter shed light on the unconventional material used for her nails, sparking both admiration and concern among viewers.

Loreen’s Unforgettable Performance and the Stone Nails:

During Loreen’s show-stopping performance, Twitter users were quick to express their opinions, emphasizing her mastery of the stage.

Jono Read tweeted about Sweden’s triumph, commending Loreen’s flawless execution: “Say what you like about Sweden but Loreen NAILS it #Eurovision.”

Additionally, wiwibloggs shared Loreen’s own explanation, revealing that her nail extensions were crafted from stone, aiming to enhance the natural and organic ambiance of her stage presence. This revelation added another layer of fascination to her captivating performance.

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Social Media Reactions and Humorous Observations:

As Loreen’s nails became a trending topic, Twitter users couldn’t resist injecting humor into the conversation. Annie Mole humorously linked Loreen’s victory to the band Nine Inch Nails, mistaking the trending topic as a reference to Sweden and Loreen’s nail design.

Another user, Georgie Heath, playfully acknowledged the nail remover responsible for maintaining Loreen’s nails, highlighting the dedication behind her extraordinary manicure.


Meanwhile, J_Motorcast_ expressed genuine concern for Loreen’s safety, fearing that her remarkable nails could potentially harm her during the performance.

Historic Victory and National Accomplishment:

Loreen’s triumph at Eurovision 2023 marked a significant moment in history, as she became the first woman and the second individual ever to win the competition twice.

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Her previous victory occurred in 2012, solidifying her status as a legendary Eurovision performer. Earning a remarkable total of 583 points from a combination of public and jury votes, she narrowly surpassed Finland’s Kaarija, who scored 526 points.

In addition to her personal achievement, Loreen’s win tied her home country, Sweden, with Ireland for the most victories, totaling seven each.

Loreen’s Nails in Artistic Representations:

Beyond the realm of social media discussions, Loreen’s nails inspired artists to participate in the #DrawEurovision trend on Twitter. This trend encouraged artists to create quick paintings and sketches of the performing acts during their onstage appearances, utilizing various mediums such as watercolors, pens, and digital software.

Among the contributors, professional cartoonist and illustrator Dan Berry depicted Loreen as Marvel’s Wolverine, paying tribute to the long nails that characterized her performance. This artistic response showcased the widespread impact of Loreen’s nail art and added a touch of creativity to the event.

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Loreen’s victory at Eurovision 2023 will be remembered not only for her remarkable song but also for her extraordinary nails. The attention she garnered on social media platforms highlighted the intrigue surrounding her nail extensions made of stone.

Additionally, the humor and concerns expressed by Twitter users reflected the impact of her unique manicure on the audience. Loreen’s historic achievement as a double winner and the ties it created between Sweden and Ireland further solidified her place in Eurovision history.


Furthermore, the artistic representations of her nails in the #DrawEurovision trend showcased the lasting impression of her performance. Overall, Loreen’s nails added an unexpected and memorable element to Eurovision 2023.

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