London Flats at Risk of Demolition Over Safety Concerns: Barratt Considers Drastic Measure

London Flats at Risk of Demolition Over Safety Concerns: Barratt Considers Drastic Measure

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

A block of flats in south London is at risk of being demolished due to its significant safety issues, as it would be more cost-effective than attempting to address the flaws.


The inspection of Citiscape, a 20-year-old building in Croydon owned by Barratt, following the Grenfell tragedy in 2019, revealed that it was enveloped in flammable ACM cladding.

Further examination uncovered severe concrete frame deterioration, posing a risk of collapse.

Critical Safety Issues and Resident Evacuation:

Due to the dangerous condition of the building, residents were evacuated in September 2019, and Barratt provided alternative accommodation until the end of 2020.

In early 2021, Barratt agreed to purchase the 95 flats in Citiscape, investing approximately £30 million after already spending £15.8 million on temporary housing and remediation work.

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This marked the first major developer buyback since the cladding crisis emerged.

Planning Application for Comprehensive Redevelopment:

Barratt has recently submitted a planning application for a comprehensive redevelopment of the site, which entails demolishing the current building and constructing two new redbrick blocks comprising 144 flats.


The existing structure is currently supported by scaffolding.

Blame Allocation and Cost Recovery Efforts:

Barratt places responsibility for the Citiscape situation on the structural engineering firm that designed the building and the contractor that constructed it.

The company is actively seeking to recover costs from these third parties.


The potential demolition of the Citiscape flats highlights the extensive consequences of the ongoing cladding crisis and its impact on buildings across the UK.

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The decision to demolish the structure reflects the urgency to address critical safety flaws that render it unsafe for occupation.

The financial considerations involved suggest that the costs associated with rectifying the issues exceed the practicality of refurbishment.

The willingness of Barratt to purchase the flats and initiate a comprehensive redevelopment project demonstrates a commitment to resolving the safety concerns and ensuring the well-being of future residents.

The proposal for new redbrick blocks reflects a desire to rebuild with durable and fire-resistant materials, minimizing the risk of a similar safety breach in the future.


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Efforts to recover costs from the structural engineering firm and contractor responsible for the flawed construction underscore the desire for accountability and financial compensation.

This case serves as a reminder of the importance of robust regulatory measures, stringent building standards, and the need for clear accountability in the construction industry to prevent safety lapses and protect the well-being of residents.

The planning application for redevelopment will undergo scrutiny, taking into account various factors such as architectural design, safety standards, and community impact.

The outcome will determine the fate of Citiscape and provide insights into how authorities address the consequences of the cladding crisis and prioritize resident safety.


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