London driver furious after seven £130 penalty costs in two weeks

London driver furious after seven £130 penalty costs in two weeks

A driver was enraged after receiving seven penalty charge notifications in two weeks for driving repeatedly up a “residents only” route in London without realizing it was camera protected.

Karan Singh, a software developer, was ‘trapped’ while taking two of his children to school. If he disputed the fines and lost his appeals, he would have been had to pay £910 in fines.

Mr. Singh, 36, of Catford, South London, criticized Lewisham Council for slapping him with fines that landed “in a bundle” at his doorway.

He stated that he received warnings of fines on the same day, and the dates of the seven violations spanned from September 5th to September 26th.

He stated, “I am quite angry. I feel imprisoned, and what’s worse is that there is no sign indicating that you cannot drive up the hill in the opposite direction.

You are permitted to drive down the hill, but not up it. It is not at all evident.

I eventually spotted a sign warning of a camera, but it was bent backwards and wrapped around a pole, so it appeared that the warning was no longer in effect.

The contested street is Dermody Road in Lewisham, which implemented new bylaws in 2020.

Mr. Singh stated that he was more irritated by the fact that the citations come all at once.

According to his statement, the first offense occurred on September 5 and subsequent offenses occurred on September 7, 11, 16, (twice), 17, and 21.

Why did I receive four letters on the same day for offenses that occurred simultaneously on September 5 and September 16?

If they had mailed me the initial bill, I might have paid it and never pursued that path again.

However, I drove it an additional six times. Nobody would do that if they knew they would be punished financially. I feel imprisoned in this situation.

He stated that each ticket required an early payment of £65, but would grow to £130 if he did not pay within the 28-day grace period.

“I have paid the first four, but I am really dissatisfied and feel cheated.

I hope Lewisham Council will see reason and realize that the system is unfair. I cannot afford these fines, which are really harsh.

I have no idea why the council has taken this action. What is a road if not an unusable concrete monstrosity?

“What does the council hope to occur…that a beautiful re-wilding will occur because they have stopped traffic in one direction?”

However, according to a letter provided to Mr. Singh by the council, his vehicle was “seen via video CCTV failing to comply with the prohibition of specific types of cars.”

It said, “We have reviewed all you’ve mentioned in your representation, including any mitigating circumstances, but we do not believe you have provided sufficient grounds to dismiss the penalty charge notice.”

MailOnline has reached out to the Lewisham Council for comment.

»London driver furious after seven £130 penalty costs in two weeks«

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