Local vets and police alert pet owners following multiple strange dog deaths at famous beaches

Local officials and veterinarians have issued cautions to pet owners after a string of unexplained dog deaths at multiple tourist hotspots.

At least five dogs on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast have reportedly died from poisonings in recent days, and many more have been transported to animal clinics in critical condition.

Prior to being sick, all of the dogs had been to Buddina Beach or one of the other nearby beaches, including Minyama, Point Cartwright, and La Balsa.

The RSPCA is helping investigate this case with the Queensland Police Department and the city government.

Dog owners have been warned by North Coast Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care to “use caution” while taking their pets to certain locations, since they may be exposed to substances whose origins are unknown.

‘We unfortunately have had a series of patients presenting with alike symptoms that may suggest a toxicity by ingestion,’ the clinic wrote.

‘Although we are unable to confirm the cause of these presentations the link to these patients is the area that they have walked within the 12 hours prior.

‘Symptoms to look out for are gastrointestinal upsets, lethargy, or any change to your pets behaviour.’

‘We have chosen to err on the side of caution and have made local authorities aware.’

A doggie day care centre also issued a similar warning as it expressed heartbreak over the death of Billy the beagle – one of it’s much-loved clients.

‘Our heart is broken. Our beautiful boy Billy seems to have been a victim of poisoning,’ Doggie Adventure Playhouse wrote.

‘Dogs are our hearts, our love, our companions and faithful cuddle buddies.

‘Our loving thoughts and cuddles go out to Billy’s beautiful and heartbroken parents.’

Billy’s owners, Val and Peter Logan, told the ABC they took Billy for a walk to the beach and he returned home ‘quite happily’.

Half-an-hour after bringing him back, the two-year-old pup began to vomit incessantly to the point Mr and Mrs Logan had to rush him to the emergency vet.

Billy died later that evening.

Silver Lining Pet Rescue Inc announced on Wednesday one of its rescue dogs Sophie died after a suspected poisoning incident at Buddina beach.

The owner was reportedly was ‘absolutely heartbroken’ by the tragic loss.

He, like Mr and Mrs Logan, had taken his dog for a walk on the beach on Friday afternoon.

But Sophie became severely ill at night and died.

The RSPCA confirmed its investigating with assistance of police and the local council.

‘The focus of investigation is to attempt to locate cause of recent spate of poisoning on the Sunshine Coast to determine if origin was intentional, accidental or environmental,’ a spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Anyone who suspects their dog may have ingested something toxic are encouraged to seek immediate veterinary treatment.

‘We’re urging all dog walkers to remain vigilant and keep an eye on their pet so they don’t drink or eat anything of which the origins are unknown.

In the event that a dog’s owner suspects that their dog has consumed a poisonous substance, they should contact the RSPCA at 1300 ANIMAL or the local authorities.

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