Living in Putin’s Neighborhood: An American’s Perspective on Russian Life

Living in Putin’s Neighborhood: An American’s Perspective on Russian Life

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Memory of Soviet Era Russia


In this article, the author reminisces about their past experiences in Kazakhstan, St. Petersburg, and Moscow.

They recall a conversation with a Muscovite journalist who explained that Russians are not capitalists and do not have unlimited money like Americans.

They also discuss how some Russians find it difficult to understand Americans, who they believe talk too fast.

Additionally, the author shares an experience where a taxi driver refused to pick them up until they removed their American label, and an attendant at the Bolshoi Theatre insisted that they remove their coat because “people here accept authority.”

Authoritarianism and Limited Luxuries

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The author describes how hotel attendants in Russia barred their way and insisted that they obey rules automatically.


They also share how their hotel room lacked elevators opening onto two unlisted floors where wiretap equipment was reportedly stored.

Furthermore, they discuss the limited amenities provided at their hotel, such as no shower curtains, missing sink stoppers, and room service that did not answer.

Despite the lack of luxury facilities, they were told about a new hotel being built that will have every luxury except a swimming pool.

Instead, the new hotel will have a concert hall.

Common Practices and Space Race Criticisms

The author discusses how vending machines were available on the streets, and one glass was available for everyone to use in certain places.

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They also recount a conversation with a local entertainer who had fashioned some dolls in his image but was not receiving a percentage from their sales.

Furthermore, the author recalls another person whispering their criticism of the Soviet government’s focus on the space race instead of providing adequate housing and clothing for the people.


Finally, they share a conversation with a Belarus diplomat who called the Soviet government “rotten” and was subsequently arrested by a KGB officer, who insisted that there is only one rotten government, and the diplomat knew it.

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