Literature: Iron Heart

By Airmerald

It is very sad to know that the innocent get to pay for the sins of bad people.

It is more enigmatic to see how karma doesn’t function at certain points (even when the earth isn’t flat).

When this error happens however, two things are inevitable;

~Loss, and


Yes, loss of conscience, joy, love, peace, happiness, loved ones and even loss of our real self. This is very toxic and unbearable for a human. But, who could be questioned about the whooshes and whoopings of life.

The other is gain. Nature can never leave anyone empty handed, never!

When you let go of something, another has been welcomed. Hence, once all those wonderful factors that make up for 47% of a human’s autonomic stability have been ripped off by the torns of life, another is given out. It is hate, anger, bitterness, vengeance, maliciousness, melancholy and in some cases, death is not exempted.

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The gruesome holocaust that saw half of the Jewish race wiped out from humanity, is enough reason to stir up strife and quest for vengeance in the heart of the Jewish generations to come.

The inhumane servitude and absolute tyrannicalness of the whites over our black ancestors is enough reason to spur undying hate and terror for the western system and everything they believe in (no little surprise the Easternmost part of this world has been into ceaseless rant and severally attempted warfare against the western world)

Unholy and vile pogroms is another sure factor that could sprout war and violence religiously in the hearts and minds of men leaving their hands and bodies stained with blood

Practical pedophilia against the boy or girl child is sure to live a blot of bitterness and vengeance in the hearts of these youngsters as a grow, causing the high alarming rate of rape and immoral sexual activities to get to it’s climax.

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We can attest to how it works in the movies. You know, the scenario in which the bad guys badging into that little child’s home on a rainy, dark night leaving his parents dead and only sibling raped and how he grows up, violent and bloodthirsty for vengeance and finally ends up hurting other innocent souls as well.

I’ve seen many of them, they were never the best of movies, but in the light of reality, those weren’t just movie scenes, those were people’s chapters, those were the pain people live with, those were the sorrows many must evolve in in order to grow.

People are suffering, many are victims of life’s irrationality and enigmatic perplexity, much more people are entangled in what may seem to be the greatest bane of sanity and peace——’Anger’ and ‘Hate’.

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In all these, we must know this;

We were never created as steels, iron or metal. No human, no matter how bad or hard, can ever replace the properties of a lead, zinc or Ferrum (iron).