Lisa Wilkinson is accused of ‘victimization’ in her speech announcing her departure from The Project

Lisa Wilkinson is accused of ‘victimization’ in her speech announcing her departure from The Project

Lisa Wilkinson has been criticized for her resignation speech from The Project, with one media pundit accusing her of victimization.

Lisa Wilkinson announced on Sunday night she would be leaving Channel 10's The Project
After a turbulent six months, the polarizing host startled fans on Sunday night’s broadcast when she revealed she was stepping down to reprioritize her life.

She stated, “The previous six months have not been easy, and the continuous targeted toxicity of certain media outlets has taken a toll on myself and the people I love.”

The Australian’s media writer, Sophie Elsworth, stated that the majority of media assaults were “her own doing,” including postponing the trial of Brittany Higgins’ accused rapist Bruce Lehrmann due to her victory speech at the Logies.

Wilkinson earned a Logie for her interview with ex-Liberal worker Brittany Higgins, in which Higgins claimed she was raped by her colleague Bruce Lehrmann in a minister’s office in 2019.Last year, OzTAM ratings revealed Channel 10's flagship current affairs program had lost almost a third of its audience since 2011. Pictured (L-R): Tommy little, Peter Helliar, Hamish Macdonald, Carrie Bickmore, Waleed Aly, Lisa Wilkinson and Gorgi Coghlan

The initial trial date was set for June 27, but following Wilkinson’s victory speech, the court deemed it ‘unfair’ to continue the high-profile case in light of the public discourse around the case.

Ms. Elsworth told Chris Kenny of Sky News on Monday evening, “Lisa Wilkinson, in normal manner, makes it all about her and plays the victim.”

Lisa Wilkinson announced her departure from Channel 10’s The Project on Sunday night.The Australian's media writer, Sophie Elsworth, accused Wilkinson of 'playing the victim' in her leaving speech

In June, she made news for the troublesome speech she gave at the Logies, which is the primary reason she received so much media attention.

However, she used her exit from The Project last night to criticize the media.

Kenny described Wilkinson’s farewell statement as “bizarre” and claimed that she looked to be “blaming other media for her mistakes.”

Ms. Elsworth continued, “She is extremely skilled at playing the victim, and she did it very effectively last night.”Wilkinson won a Logie for Outstanding News Coverage for an interview with Brittany Higgins

All of her fans have commented on how shockingly the media has handled her, but I must admit that most of it is her own fault.

Last year, OzTAM figures indicated that Channel 10’s flagship news program has lost over a third of its popularity since 2011. Tommy little, Peter Helliar, Hamish Macdonald, Carrie Bickmore, Waleed Aly, Lisa Wilkinson, and Gorgi Coghlan are shown (from left to right).

Sophie Elsworth, a media reporter for The Australian, accused Wilkinson of ‘playing the victim’ in her farewell address.

Wilkinson, a regular face on Australian television screens for more than two decades, told the audience on Sunday night that she had “interesting work ideas ahead” but needed time to recharge.

As she announced her departure from The Project, she offered other prominent female journalists, Leigh Sales, Tracey Grimshaw, and Carrie Bickmore, who had just left their presenting posts a margarita on her.

Wilkinson began by stating, with co-hosts Hamish Macdonald and The Bachelor’s Laura Byrne, “I’ve decided it’s time to reprioritize a few things in my life.”

And after nearly 15 years of waking up early for morning television and another five years at The Project desk, I’m considering how I want the next several years to unfold professionally and emotionally.

An interview with Brittany Higgins earned Wilkinson a Logie for Outstanding News Coverage.

Therefore, as of tonight, I will no longer host the show.

The anchor said that she was not immune to criticism and occasionally made errors.

She remarked, “I’m human, and I don’t always get it right; none of us do, but I’ve tried my best.”

“I’ve given my everything to this position, and I hope you at home recognize that.

“I hope I’ve brought you stories that matter, presented you to individuals whose lives and experiences you may never have heard, and brought to light topics that demand our collective attention.

“Thank you to everyone who has been so immensely supportive and helpful, especially in recent months. You have no idea how much this has meant to me.

In 2018, Ten signed Wilkinson for an astounding $1.7 million per year.

However, her debut on the show has had no effect on the ratings fall.

Previous OzTAM ratings have revealed: Since 2011, The Project had lost nearly a third of its audience.

Last year, the faltering show’s metro ratings plummeted to an all-time low of only 367,000.

This represents a 30 percent reduction from the 538 thousand viewers in five cities a decade ago.


»Lisa Wilkinson is accused of ‘victimization’ in her speech announcing her departure from The Project«

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