Linda Nolan Plans Her Own Funeral, A Personal and Glittery Tribute

Linda Nolan Plans Her Own Funeral, A Personal and Glittery Tribute

...By Enitan Thompson for TDPel Media.

Linda Nolan, a Dublin-born singer and the sixth of eight Nolan siblings, has recently been diagnosed with cancerous tumors in her brain.


This is her second recurrence of cancer, following her mastectomy and 18 rounds of chemo for breast cancer in 2005 and the return of cancer in her hip in 2017 and liver in 2020.

Linda’s younger sister, Bernie, died from brain cancer 10 years ago, while their eldest sister, Anne, successfully fought the disease.

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Despite Linda’s treatments and hopeful attitude, she admits to having her moments of fear and anxiety.

She worries about being alone and not knowing what comes next.

To ease the burden on her loved ones, Linda has started planning her own funeral, following the lead of her late husband, Brian, and sister, Bernie.

Linda has chosen a Neil Sedaka song, “Our Last Song Together,” for her funeral, and a glittery pink coffin, which she says suits her personality as the “blingy Nolan.”

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While planning her own funeral may seem morbid to some, Linda sees it as a way to relieve the stress and decision-making from her family and friends.

Despite the sad circumstances, Linda remains positive and grateful for the love and support she receives from her family, including her sisters Denise and Maureen, who visit her regularly.

Linda’s strength and resilience in the face of cancer serve as an inspiration to many.


It takes courage to face one’s mortality and make preparations for the end of life.

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Linda Nolan’s decision to plan her own funeral may seem unconventional, but it is a thoughtful gesture that will ease the burden on her loved ones during a difficult time.

By choosing a glittery pink coffin and a sentimental song, Linda is making her funeral a celebration of her life and personality.

Her positive attitude and determination to make the most of her remaining time are truly inspiring.


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