Leftists overlook Pelosis’ wrongdoing

Leftists overlook Pelosis’ wrongdoing

Democrats calling for justice on behalf of the victim of a heinous crime were an uncommon sight after the revolting, brutal assault on Paul Pelosi, the husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

David DePape, Pelosi’s assailant, horrifyingly admitted to authorities that his goal was to tie up Mrs. Pelosi and smash her kneecaps.

However, when he broke into her house to locate the speaker, he assaulted her 82-year-old husband and used a hammer to shatter Paul’s skull.

No rational American who was not appalled and profoundly grieved by this heinous act.

DePape was accused with attempted murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, elder abuse, domestic burglary, false detention, and endangering the life of or seriously injuring a public officer on Tuesday.

Due to the “severe public safety danger he presents,” he was being jailed without bail.

This is precisely how a violent, mentally ill, homeless guy who assaulted a senior citizen should be handled.

Progressives spend much too much time advocating for criminals, regardless of the consequences for their victims.

Consider Keaira Bennefield, a mother of three who gave police video of her violently beaten ex-husband.

No rational American who was not appalled and profoundly grieved by this heinous act.

She admitted to police that she had been screaming for assistance the whole time. “I believed I was going to pass away,”

However, her husband was only given a minor charge and was later let go without posting bond; as a result, he killed Keaira in front of her three children.

Or consider the case of Tommy Bailey, a father of three who was fatally attacked on a New York City train by Alvin Charles, a homeless guy who had previously murdered another man on another metro and been freed without bond.

Or consider Saiko Koma, who was murdered by a guy who had three armed robbery offenses on his record and was on probation at the time of the crime.

Or consider Rong Xin Liao, an 84-year-old grandpa who, like Paul Pelosi, suffered a brain injury after being punched in the face by 24-year-old Eric Ramos-Hernandez.

Ramos-Hernandez was freed from prison and “diverted” back to his own house for “mental health therapy,” unlike David DePape.

Sadly, Rong Xin Liao, Saiko Koma, and Keaira Bennefield didn’t have Keaira Bennefield’s fortunate fortune of marrying political royalty, wealth, and race, or else they may have also seen justice.

Representatives who cared more for them, the victims of horrible violent actions, than their attackers and murderers, may have greeted them.

Instead, since they were neither white, wealthy, or royal, they received the standard fare from a party that relentlessly advocates for legislation that would abolish bail, for homeless camps to be built in working-class areas, and for sympathy for violent, mentally ill drug users.

Why do they not have more compassion for their own supporters?

For the midterm elections, 81 percent of Black Americans and 82 percent of Black Democrats told the Pew Research Center that crime is a “very significant” consideration.

They have reason to be concerned since violent crime is on the increase nationwide and affects Black Americans disproportionately.

Despite being a tiny fraction of the population, Black Americans account for the bulk of murder victims from New York to Mississippi to Louisiana.

You would think that the party that has won every election in recent memory with the help of Black Americans would give priority to their most devoted voter base.

You would be mistaken.

Unluckily for those who have been victimized by violent crime, the same Pew poll that revealed that just 33% of white Democrats are very concerned about it.

The wokeness gap, if you will.

White Democrats are becoming a larger portion of a coastal elite with excessive education who reside in affluent neighborhoods far from areas of high crime, driving up real estate values with their dual-earner professional households in increasingly racially and economically segregated areas of America’s most expensive cities.

They force their working-class neighbors to live in neighborhoods that are increasingly dominated by violent crime, all the while enhancing their elite credentials by supporting initiatives like Defund the Police that make their neighbors even less secure.

The fact that so much of this progressive posturing is done in the name of racial justice just serves to add insult to injury.

And it’s obvious who of their constituents Democratic leaders have decided to pander to when given the option between working-class minorities and upper-class white progressives.

While liberals in the working class struggle with crime and keeping up with the bills, their party increasingly targets elites whose top priorities are abortion and climate change.

According to a different Gallup survey, Republican voters are most driven by the economy, immigration, and crime, all of which are worries for lower-income Americans who live in riskier areas and have employment that are endangered by the entry of foreign labor.

Democratic voters, on the other hand, are more worried about abortion, climate change, and gun laws; they want to legalize illicit pistol ownership, but God forbid someone have a hunting rifle in their house!

In the end, while this may seem to be a political difference, it is really a class division.

While the other party exclusively speaks to its rich elites, who earn a living by regulating one other’s language and labeling each other racist if they don’t favor removing jails and police, one party is increasingly appealing to the working class.

Democrats and their media friends have been expending a tremendous lot of effort in downplaying crime, rather than taking into account the worries of desperate Americans throughout the country.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dubbed headline-driven hysteria last year when she referred to alarm about the crime surge.

Ocasio-Cortez remarked, “We are seeing these headlines about percentage rises,” during a July virtual town hall. I want to emphasize that any injury is undesirable and excessive, but I also want to make sure that this doesn’t cause frenzy and that we take these statistics in their proper perspective.

The congresswoman set the precedent for Democrats and the media to follow in the years to come: Ignore your constituents and paint their worries as hysteria stoked by conservative media.

Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, criticized the erroneous “perception” of increased subway crime as one example.

Adams told CNN’s Chris Wallace, “We have an average of fewer than six offenses a day on a subway system with 3.5 million people.” However, if you build your article on a narrative, you’ll examine the worst of those six crimes and feature it on the front pages of your newspaper each day.

In October, MSNBC presenter Chris Hayes tweeted, “Cannot stress the degree to which grisly surveillance film of black people committing violent crimes has become the quasi-permanent background on Fox these days.”

One may question why Hayes only focuses on the violent criminals while ignoring the victims, who are disproportionately black.

After the awful assault on Paul Pelosi, Democrats have a chance to flex that left-wing muscle that has been atrophied for a long time: the ability to empathize for the victims of atrocious acts of violence.

One can only hope that they learn to apply it to black Americans from lower socioeconomic classes, whose votes they crave.

They are also worthy of some compassion.

»Leftists overlook Pelosis’ wrongdoing«

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