Learn and Play: How Games can Improve your Career Advancement

Learn and Play: How Games can Improve your Career Advancement

Incorporating games and interactive activities into work training can improve retention and performance. By introducing fun and competition, individuals are more likely to be motivated and actively participate in the learning process. Games create a positive atmosphere and make learning enjoyable, creating opportunities for learners to enjoy the unexpected and the learning journey.

Kahoot! is an online learning platform that offers game-based learning activities such as quizzes, surveys, and discussions. Users can create their own games or choose from thousands of pre-made games on various topics. Quizlet is a free online learning tool that allows users to create flashcards, quizzes, and other study materials to master various topics. Quizlet also offers interactive games and study modes that make learning engaging.

Duolingo is an app that offers a range of interactive activities, including listening and speaking exercises and mini-games, for learning new languages. The app has a gamification aspect where users earn points and compete against others as they advance in their studies. Language skills are becoming increasingly valuable in many career fields, and can open up new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The Future is Yours is a game that helps people think like a futurist. Players can participate in business or career mode, select a sample career or business, and come up with a game plan for the future. The game presents challenges such as layoffs, labor shortages, cyberattacks, or supply chain issues. The game was designed as a training and education system disguised as a game.

Not My Problem Anymore is a group exercise that involves interactive work with teammates to problem-solve creatively. Each person writes down a challenge and presents it to the group. The group is then tasked to come up with a terrible idea, an obvious idea, and a creative or out-of-the-box idea for solving the problem. The exercise is a fun way to learn and expose new perspectives.

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