Latest teaser for upcoming film, ‘Cocaine Bear’ goes viral

Latest teaser for upcoming film, ‘Cocaine Bear’ goes viral

The latest teaser for the upcoming film Cocaine Bear has gone viral online after showing a wooded animal consuming a bag of narcotics and going on a deadly spree.

The Elizabeth Banks-directed film recounts the tale of a 175-pound black bear that consumes copious amounts of cocaine and decimates a Georgia forest in quest of his next high. Ray Liotta, who passed away at the age of 67 in his sleep in May, will appear in just one more film.

The real account of a black bear who, in September 1985, consumed a whole duffel bag containing around 70 pounds of cocaine is dramatized in the movie Cocaine Bear.

After falling from a smuggler’s aircraft, the beast ingested the drug, and the smuggler carrying the contraband also plunged to his death.

A medical examiner said the genuine bear died from brain hemorrhaging, respiratory failure, heat, renal failure, heart failure, and a stroke three months after being discovered dead next to an empty bag and 40 opened bags of blow.

His taxidermied corpse is now on exhibit at Lexington’s Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Mall.

And although the bear in Cocaine Bear continues to scare the citizens of a Georgia town, the real bear did not go on the rampage.

In the dark comedy, everyone who comes in the bear’s path will be mauled. Even those who try to hide behind bushes or up trees are not safe since the drug-addled beast will find them and tear them apart limb from limb.

Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, O’Shea Jackson, Jr., Isiah Whitlock, Jr., and, of course, Liotta feature in the much awaited movie.

The actors are prominently shown in the two-minute video, which was published on Wednesday, as they scramble to apprehend the bear that is tearing through the community. The CGI bear, though, seems to be the movie’s real star.

The creature initially appears in the footage when two doctors approach a cabin where they hear roaring and see the bear hiding in a rear room’s corner.

The bear smashes through the door and assaults the male doctor when he advises that they leave while snarling directly into his face.

The next scene in the teaser shows town residents searching the area for the missing cocaine that had fallen from a drug smuggler’s aircraft, along with even small children.

However, it seems that the bear will finally succeed in getting there first as he continues his homicidal spree.

The movie, slated for release in February, is now being referred to as a “masterpiece” by commenters on YouTube. One commenter even wrote: “The greatest movie of 2023 is arriving.”

Another person wrote: “A movie about a bear high on cocaine that also happens to be Ray Liotta’s last performance in a motion picture.

This is a movie.

Another said that when Nicole Kidman waxed lyrical in those AMC commercials about “We come to this location for enchantment,” she was referring to films like these.

The tale is not quite as dramatic in reality, despite the fact that the bear did become famous and traverse the nation after he passed away.

The plot starts when Andrew Thornton II, an infamous Lexington drug cop turned drug smuggler, flew over a Georgian woodland in September 1985 and unloaded shipments of cocaine from Columbia.

Then, after being entangled in his parachute, he leaped from the aircraft to his death.

Later, the corpse of Thornton was discovered near Knoxville, Tennessee, wearing night vision goggles and Gucci loafers.

He had knives, a few firearms, $4,500 in cash, and a duffel bag with around 75 pounds of cocaine, which was then valued at $15 million.

Nearly 30 years later, in an effort to preserve the state’s history, the proprietors of the Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Mall made the decision to get in touch with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to learn what became of the bear.

They ultimately found out that he had been taxidermized and displayed at the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area in Georgia following his death.

Whit Hiler, a co-owner of Kentucky for Kentucky, refers to him as “Mr. Bear” and he afterwards spent some time in storage before being taken.

The bear has at last been found among the preserved animals in Waylon Jennings’ private collection in Las Vegas, according to the Courier-Journal.

The bear was, however, a display in a traditional Chinese medicine store in Reno, Nevada by the time Hiler and his team discovered him.

In the end, the owner consented to sell the bear to the mall in exchange for $200.

Since then, Cocaine Bear has become a symbol of Kentucky, drawing tourists from all over the globe to the Lexington retail mall to see the famed creature.

»Latest teaser for upcoming film, ‘Cocaine Bear’ goes viral«

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