Landlord probes St Kilda sharing home tenant’s stench: TikTok

Landlord probes St Kilda sharing home tenant’s stench: TikTok

An Australian landlord tried to find the cause of a nauseating odor by taking appalled viewers on a nightmare tour of an evicted tenant’s bedroom.

Stephanie, who does her own home renovations, grinned through teeth as she recorded a TikTok video of herself entering the St. Kilda house’s room to look around.

She said, “Okay, so I’ve had some problems with this renter, so I’ve got to put them out.

The other residents have complained, and this room has been emitting a particularly foul odor for a time, too.

“All right, let’s see.”

Landlord investigates revolting stench coming from a tenant's room in St Kilda share house: TikTok

She came into contact with filth right away, including soiled carpets with debris on the floor, filthy tables and surfaces, and bursting trash bags.

Oh, my God. God, oh God. Oh my god, she said while breathing again. ‘

“How can people live like this?” one could say.

Then, she discovered whole aisles filled with endless snack packs and tote bags for fast food.

I’m really sorry. It becomes worse.

The renter had crammed rubbish and shopping bags with hundreds of fast food carry bags.

“Can you imagine paying that much for Uber food?” She stated

A soiled lunchbox sat in the table’s drawer.

The renter had so many unwashed dishes that he had to put them in his bedside table and drawers.

She used her foot to slowly open the drawers.

Oh, there they all are that we’ve been missing, the plates.

It became worse as she drew closer. She eventually came upon some food that had maggots crawling in it.

But even that may not have made the foul odors bother roommates, who were already complaining about them.

Old sour cream tubs that had developed mold and “smelled horrible” were probably the source of the smell’s intensity.

She told Daily Mail Australia, “The mattress and all of the linen had to be thrown away.”

“The odor permeated everything,”

“Everything took me approximately three days to clean it, and I believe the trash filled five big wheelie bins,” the author said.

On TikTok, Stephanie’s fans were horrified at the condition the room was left in.

‘Omg! One person commented, “The ugliness and disdain.”

I’m sorry you have to put up with and endure this. Absolutely repulsive,” a second person concurred.

‘Omg! Who stores filthy dishes in drawers? One person said.

»Landlord probes St Kilda sharing home tenant’s stench: TikTok«

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