Kwara State Public Procurement Agency (KWPPA) Commences Second Phase Training On E-Procurement System

Kwara State Public Procurement Agency (KWPPA) Commences Second Phase Training On E-Procurement System

Following the 1st phase, otherwise termed “the Foundation phase”, the Kwara State Government, through the Kwara State Public Procurement Agency(KWPPA), has commenced the 2nd phase of training on e-procurement system solution for procurement officers across all MDAs in the State.

The two-day capacity building training, which commenced on Monday, 8th of May, 2021 focused on the newly deployed e-procurement software platform introduced by the State Government.

The 2nd phase of the exercise which is scheduled to run for two weeks was declared open by the General Manager of the Agency, QS. Abdulraheem Abdulbaki.

AbdulRaheem in his remarks, reiterated the efforts of the Kwara State Government in strengthening transparency, accountability, and probity in the public procurement system in the State.

In agreement with the slogan of the Agency, “To get it right is to do it right”, Abdulraheem charged the participants to take the training seriously, noting that whatever knowledge received in the course of the training will go a long way to help the State Government realize the motive behind the life changing initiative designed for attainment of transparency and accountability in the public procurement system.

“It is glaring in the slogan of the Agency which points to the fact that, when you get things right you will always do them right. Whatever knowledge you are able to gain in the course of this training will go a long way in helping Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq realize his motive behind this life changing initiative, which is geared towards bringing about efficiency, transparency, equity, fairness and of course, encouragements of local businesses,” he said.

The General Manager urged participants to demonstrate passion for knowledge, familiarize themselves with the new e-procurement software and ask relevant questions in order for them to effectively make use of the software in their respective MDAs without any hitch as the Agency has put in place all the necessary techniques to make sure they get the required knowledge.

The participants were later taken through some of the key topics in procurement system ranging from Annual Procurement Plan (APP) to Tender Package Management.

The Second phase of the training is scheduled to come up in four batches, with minimum number of thirty-two participants per batch. Each batch is expected to have two sessions, making it a total number of eight sessions in all.

Thirty -two participants across 16 Ministries, Departments and Agencies in the State attended the Day One of the training.