Kuda Bank gifts ₦2 million to Mummy Zee for cooking at 4:00 AM

Kuda Bank’s Generous Reward to Debbie

Kuda Bank, a prominent mobile banking service, has recently bestowed a generous sum of 2 million naira upon a Nigerian woman named Debbie.

Her newfound fame on social media stemmed from her dedication to waking up early to prepare meals for her husband, a gesture that captured widespread attention and admiration.

Official Announcement on Twitter

The official announcement of this remarkable reward was made through Kuda Bank’s Twitter handle.

The bank took to social media to share the news and express their recognition of Debbie’s actions, signaling a noteworthy gesture in support of her commitment.

A Gesture Inspired by Thoughtfulness

Debbie’s decision to wake up early and cook for her husband was influenced by a colleague who had previously taken the initiative to bring him food at his workplace.

This act of thoughtfulness not only resonated with Debbie but also sparked a series of positive events that would soon unfold in her life.

Surge of Generosity and Publicity

In response to Debbie’s story gaining traction, she found herself on the receiving end of a cascade of gifts.

These include a TV, a new fridge, a microwave, a bed frame, mattress, a wardrobe, an iPhone, and an Infinix mobile phone.

The public outpouring of generosity and recognition added an unexpected layer to Debbie’s life.

Kuda Bank Pledges Matching Contribution

Amidst the growing publicity and gifts, Kuda Bank, as Debbie’s mobile banking provider, stepped forward with an additional promise.

The bank declared its commitment to matching the exact amount present in Debbie’s account, clearly expressing their support and enthusiasm for her actions.

On their official page, Kuda Bank stated, “As your bank, we’re happy to match the ₦2,044,133.94 balance in your screenshot. Keep doing you, Debbie!”

Social Media Post Highlights the Moment

To provide a visual glimpse of this extraordinary sequence of events, a post on social media, likely including images or details of the rewards and Kuda Bank’s matching pledge, serves as a testament to the positive impact that one person’s thoughtful actions can have in the digital age.