King Charles ‘begged’ Prince Harry not to marry Camilla because he worried she would be a ‘evil’ stepmother: memoir

King Charles ‘begged’ Prince Harry not to marry Camilla because he worried she would be a ‘evil’ stepmother: memoir

Prince Harry has claimed that he “begged” his father King Charles III not to marry Camilla, out of concern that she would become his “evil” stepmother.

Despite insisting for years that he is the only royal being tormented, Harry mercilessly criticized his mother-in-law in his incendiary memoir, “Spare” — even equating the first time he met her to avoiding an injection, according to a copy obtained by The Sun.

He claimed that throughout that meeting he reminded himself, “This is nothing. If you close your eyes, you won’t feel a thing.”

“I recall wondering … if she would be terrible to me; if she would be like all the evil stepmothers in the stories,” he stated decades before Camilla became queen consort, according to extracts seen by Page Six.

Harry reveals he “begged” his father not to marry Camilla, the current Queen Consort.

He even accuses Camilla of appearing “bored” at their first encounter, concluding that she saw it as “pure formality” because he was not the heir, according to The Sun, which purchased an early copy of the book that was accidentally distributed in Spain.

Harry, 38, believes that his elder brother William, the 40-year-old heir to the throne, also resented their father settling down with Camilla, whom their mother, the late Princess Diana, had mostly blamed for the dissolution of her marriage to Charles, as there were “three of us in this marriage.”

Harry was concerned that Camilla, who is now the queen consort, would be a “evil” stepmother.

“Willy had long been wary of the Other Woman, which perplexed and troubled him,” Harry wrote, using his still-affectionate nickname for the sibling he now refers to as his “arch-nemesis.”

Harry recalls that he and his brother eventually agreed to welcome Camilla, but “begged” their father not to wed a second time.

Still, he believes that the brothers accepted it by April 2005, when the present king married his new queen consort.

Harry writes that Charles eventually married Camilla in 2005, despite his sons’ entreaties not to.

“Despite Willy and my urgings to the contrary, Pa proceeded,” he wrote, according to passages seen by Page Six.

“We shook his hand and sent him well wishes. No hard sentiments.

He writes, “We realized he was finally going to be with the lady he loved, the one he had always loved.”

Harry ultimately learned that his father was with the lady he had always loved.
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“Perhaps Fate had him in mind in the first place. Whatever animosity or sadness we felt at the conclusion of another loop in Mummy’s story, we realized it was irrelevant.”

The scandal surrounding Charles’ separation from Diana, amid suspicions of infidelity by both parties, was a major factor in Queen Elizabeth II’s infamous declaration of 1992 as her “year from hell.”

At the time of her passing, Queen Elizabeth II expressed her “sincere desire” for Camilla to become queen consort.
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Reportedly, the late queen first referred to Camilla as “that nasty woman,” and neither she nor her husband, the late Prince Philip, attended their son’s 2005 wedding to her. However, the then-reigning king was captured smiling warmly with the newlyweds during a prayer and dedication service honoring it.

Before her death, the queen spoke affectionately of her daughter-in-law and granted her the right to become queen consort, describing it as her “sincere wish.”


»King Charles ‘begged’ Prince Harry not to marry Camilla because he worried she would be a ‘evil’ stepmother: memoir«

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