Kevin McCarthy’s bungled House Speaker vote has ‘The View’ in stitches

Kevin McCarthy’s bungled House Speaker vote has ‘The View’ in stitches

Yesterday, The View could not help but feel smug about the continuing mess that is the House Speaker vote. After Kevin McCarthy failed to garner enough votes to secure the Republican nomination, the co-hosts of the daytime talk program reveled in the Republican party’s disarray.

As Whoopi Goldberg presented the issue, she joked that McCarthy “certainly put his stuff into the Speaker’s office far too fast” after losing three rounds of votes on Tuesday, January 3; this caused her co-hosts to laugh. She even laughed hysterically over the voting debacle, telling viewers, “I don’t intend to laugh, but it’s kind of like, oh my gosh.”

Joy Behar was less circumspect in her response, openly declaring she felt “schadenfreude” at the Republicans’ defeat. She told the panel, “I sort of love their chaos because they deserve it.” It was great that they took a break from destroying the nation and began to turn on one another.”

Behar said, “I once read that if you keep turtles in an aquarium and don’t feed them for an extended period of time, they will begin to eat each other. And I’m not simply referring to Mitch McConnell when I say this. I am discussing all of them.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin, the token conservative on The View, said she expected Behar’s “gloating” answer, but Behar corrected her, stressing, “I’m not gloating, but I’m enjoying the demise because they are the most destructive force in politics during my lifetime. I wasn’t even present in 1923. Although some believe I was,”

Griffin blamed McCarthy for the entire issue, telling the panel that McCarthy had “struck a bargain with the devil” (former president Donald Trump) and was now paying the price.

Griffin said, “He needs to wake up because, yeah, they are obstructionists and are holding the House hostage, but Kevin McCarthy is also being an obstructionist.” “They have told him three times, ‘We do not want you,’ yet he refuses to stand down.”

After yesterday’s broadcast of The View aired, the House had another vote for Speaker, but once again no one was elected after McCarthy lost his sixth vote. Yesterday, the House voted to adjourn until today at 12 p.m. ET.

ABC airs The View weekdays at 11pm/10c. View the complete segment from yesterday’s program in the video above.


»Kevin McCarthy’s bungled House Speaker vote has ‘The View’ in stitches«

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