Willie Carver Jr., who is openly gay, said he made the decision to leave the school after a woman leveled the accusations against him during a school board meeting earlier this year

Accusations that the Kentucky teacher of the year for 2022 was grooming students for the LGBTQ community led him to resign from his high school.

According to NBC News, openly homosexual teacher Willie Carver Jr. claimed that he was forced to leave Montgomery County High School after 10 years because of homophobia. He called his experience working as a gay man in Kentucky as a teacher a “death by a thousand cuts.”

He claims that the school did nothing to protect or assist him after a woman repeatedly accused him of grooming pupils during a school board meeting earlier this year. This was his “breaking point.”

When Carver was accused of grooming in March—a homophobic charge of predatory sexual activity frequently leveled against the LGBTQ community—the accusations and insults quickly circulated online, with someone uploading an image of him with LGBTQ kids alongside homophobic epithets.

The school, according to Carver, said they “couldn’t involve themselves every time the community grew dissatisfied with something at the school” and made no reaction.

Carver said NBC News, “I have tolerated these issues over the years since the advantages exceeded the disadvantages.”

But I’ve come to the point where I can understand how the impact on mental health will be so great that my pupils won’t be able to see a thriving LGBTQ person in front of them.

They are witnessing someone who is distressed and depressed.

Carver, a French and English teacher at the school, spoke in support of the Safe Schools Improvement Act and the Equality Act, which calls on schools to establish policies against prejudiced bullying, before the US House Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties in May.

He described the prejudice he encountered as a gay teacher throughout his evidence, which he claimed came from both staff and school administration.

Carver has recently agreed to take a job as an academic advisor at the Gatton College of Business and Economics at the University of Kentucky in Lexington.

He claimed that during his tenure, he saw the administration remove books by black and LGBTQ writers on the advice of parents, squelch a student-run survey aimed at gauging the school’s acceptance of LGBTQ students, and stand up for students accused of pulling pride posters off of walls.

High School of Montgomery County According to the Courier Journal, Matt Thompson praised his time at the school but declined to respond to Carver’s criticisms of the institution.

He declared, “Mr. Carver is an excellent English and French teacher.” We wish him luck with his new venture.

I met the American president, and I’m from Mount Sterling, Kentucky. During his testimony to the US House committee in May, Carver claimed that his institution “didn’t even mention it in an email.”

All recently politicized identities fall under the umbrella of this invisibility. The new policy of our administrators is “nothing racial.” When authors are black or LGBTQ, parents now want alternative work. Although we are instructed to accommodate them, I cannot morally silence Black or LGBTQ voices.

Since Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the Don’t Say Gay bill into law, which forbids teachers from discussing “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” in kindergarten through third grade, the topic of sexuality and gender has received increased attention.

Many conservative politicians have accused the bill’s opponents and teachers with liberal leanings of indoctrination and grooming.

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