Keir Starmer: “Captain Crasheroonie Snoozefest” may be defeated

Keir Starmer: “Captain Crasheroonie Snoozefest” may be defeated

Boris Johnson has called on the Conservative Party to band together in order to defeat Sir Keir Starmer.

The former prime minister predicted yesterday night to supporters gathered at the Carlton Club that the “political dynamic” would shift and enable the Conservatives to “win again.”

He called Sir Keir “Captain Crasheroonie Snoozefest” once again and informed club members and supporters that there was “just one party” that would lower taxes, oppose union barons, and dismantle “evil” people-smuggling gangs.

Boris Johnson tells Tories: Here's how we WILL beat 'Captain Crasheroonie Snoozefest' Keir Starmer 

The following are quotes from Mr. Johnson’s speech that state: “Only one party really believes in Brexit… And I believe that the political climate will shift once people realize this.

‘There is no urge to vote for Captain Crasheroonie Snoozefest, Keir Starmer.

Therefore, never give up, keep fighting, support the government, and keep arguing in favor of opportunities, leveling up, and a vibrant, low-tax global Britain. That is how we shall triumph once again.

“At the start of this brilliant new year, I offer some strong predictions,” he said.

“Inflation will drop sharply, both globally and in our nation.”

“China will pass Covid, which will be crucial for the world economy,” In Ukraine, Putin will fall short.

People will realize that there is only one party that wants to ease the burden of taxes, which will help the Conservative Party bounce back.

Only one political group really supports increasing the benefits of house ownership.

Only one party has the courage to oppose the Union barons, according to this statement.

There is only one party, the Conservative Party, that supports the union with Northern Ireland and will enact the legislation required to safeguard the UK’s financial stability.

Only one party will have the guts to deport illegal immigrants to Rwanda in order to stop the wicked gangs from bringing people over the Channel in unsafe boats.

As is customary for all former Conservative prime leaders, Mr. Johnson gave his statement at the Carlton Club as he presented a new painting of himself.

His remarks urging party unity will be seen as an effort to distance himself from rumors that he is gearing up for a return.

Friends said that the former prime minister has not spoken to ‘Bring Back Boris’ activists and that he will need to be ‘coaxed back’ into active politics.

After close friend and former prime minister Nadine Dorries said in The Mail on Sunday that it was “Boris or die” for the Tory party, rumors of Mr. Johnson’s comeback began to circulate.

»Keir Starmer: “Captain Crasheroonie Snoozefest” may be defeated«

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