Keir Starmer asserts that entering the EU single market will NOT stimulate the economy

Keir Starmer asserts that entering the EU single market will NOT stimulate the economy

Today, Keir Starmer claimed that reentering the EU single market would improve the economy as he attempted to dispel rumors that Labour intends to resume relations with Brussels.

Keir Starmer said there was 'no case' for a Swiss-style arrangement or resuming full membership of the bloc
The party head stated that neither a Swiss-style agreement nor resuming full membership in the EU were viable options.

He stressed, though, that the present trade agreement is “not very good” and that any administration he led would seek to make reforms.

Senior Labour politicians, notably the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, have advocated a return to the single market, and Sir Keir was a staunch Remain backer prior to Boris Johnson’s 2019 election victory.

Sir Keir stated in interviews this morning, as he presented a study on democracy and devolution, that while he did not support Brexit, he understood the public’s desire to “take back control.”

Keir Starmer stated that there was ‘no argument’ for a Swiss-style arrangement or full membership in the bloc.

Senior Labour politicians, such as the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan (pictured), have backed a return to the single market.

When asked if membership in the single market would promote economic development, he told BBC Radio 4’s Today program, “No, I don’t believe it would at this time.” And there is no justification for returning to the EU or the single market.’

Sir Keir said, “Just to answer your question directly, do I believe that returning to years of fighting and uncertainty will benefit our economy? No, I do not;

Asked whether such a move may help development in the future, if not now, he responded, “No, I do not believe that leaving… I pushed for the retention of the status quo, as is common knowledge.

Since we have already departed, there is no reason to say “return.” And moving back into the single market and customs union, about which we have debated endlessly over the years, will occur between 2016 and 2019.

I believe it is possible to negotiate a better deal than the one we currently have, and that is what I intend to do. And this is what I mean by a successful Brexit.

‘However, I also firmly believe that if we do not address the other underlying issues that have hampered economic growth in this country… we will not be able to fix the problems we have.’

He argued that trade has decreased because “the deal that we have is not very good.”Senior Labour figures including London mayor Sadiq Khan (pictured) have endorsed returning to the single market

Rishi Sunak has recently attempted to dispel rumors that the Conservative Government is considering a relationship with the EU similar to Switzerland’s over the next decade.

Switzerland, despite not being a member of the bloc, has access to the single market and is a part of the visa-free Schengen zone through a series of bilateral agreements.Keir Starmer is facing more intense scrutiny with polls showing Labour is on track for victory at the next election

It also makes “cohesion” payments to Brussels in the billions of pounds and accepts freedom of movement.

However, following a furious backlash from Brexiteer Conservatives, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and Mr. Sunak distanced their party from the idea.

Polls indicate that Labour is poised to win the upcoming election, increasing the scrutiny placed on Keir Starmer.



»Keir Starmer asserts that entering the EU single market will NOT stimulate the economy«

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