Kanye West Parler deal falls off

Kanye West Parler deal falls off

The parent business of the app said on Thursday that the deal to sell Kanye West the conservative social networking site Parler had fallen through.

Ye had shown interest in purchasing the platform a month earlier, but Parlement Technologies claimed the two parties ultimately decided to split ways in the middle of November.

The news, however, came hours after West had expressed his admiration for Hitler during an insane interview on Alex Jones’ program Infowars and after days of terrible press.

It implies that Western culture may be too much even for right-wing websites that promote free speech.

According to a statement from the business, “Parlement Technologies has verified that the company and Ye have mutually decided to terminate the purpose of sale of Parler.”

This choice was taken in the middle of November in the best interests of both parties. Parler will always looking for new prospects for expansion and platform improvement for our thriving community.

George Farmer, the husband of conservative pundit Candace Owens, is the owner of Parler.

He has promoted the website as a haven for users, like Kanye West, who have been banned from other social media platforms like Twitter.

He defended the artist when information about the arrangement first surfaced.

In an interview with Fox News, Farmer said that the rapper was a “victim of cancellation,” but he refrained from supporting the tweet that resulted in West’s suspension.

“I’m a little tired tonight, but when I wake up, I’m going to pull a death con 3 on the Jews.” The irony is that I can’t possibly be anti-Semitic given that Jews are black people, and you guys have attempted to blackball everybody who disagrees with your ideology.

In a conversation with Jones on Thursday, West went into further detail.

West said, “I see wonderful things in Hitler… every person has something of value that they contributed to the table, particularly Hitler,” while donning a cloth mask that covered his full face.

Later, he disputed that Hitler had ordered the murder of 6 million Jews and said that Germany “had a pretty fantastic leader at one time.”

He did not murder 6,000,000 Jews. West responded, “That’s simply factually inaccurate,” in some ways his most anti-Semitic statements to date.

“I’m not trying to startle you,” I said. I like Hitler. The Holocaust did not really occur. There are many good things about Hitler,” he stated.

Even Jones, who is used to controversy, sometimes shown signs of discomfort throughout the three-hour program.

A bible was put in front of West as he sat down next to Jones. Sometimes he wrestled with a bottle of Snapple while holding what seemed to be a fishing net.

He insisted that he did not like Hitler and pushed Kanye to remove his mask while continuously asking him what time his flight was.

However, he also made an effort to downplay the ongoing, rising outrage, claiming that detractors were attempting to “censor” the rapper, and he was proud that it was his most-watched program of 2022.

The House Judiciary Committee removed a previous tweet that praised West during the program, declaring that “enough is enough.”

In addition to discussing his divorce from Kim Kardashian and his subsequent usage of alcohol and “threesomes,” West performed out a mock chat with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nentanyahu and described a 2024 presidential campaign as a “walk to the [White] House.”

Additionally, he often brought up Jewish Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel, accusing him of trying to “ruin his life,” and provoking him with anti-Semitic insults.

»Kanye West Parler deal falls off«

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